Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Twins (Masterface/Natureboy) release debut LP Anonymous Unanimous

Two Twins release
debut album
Anonymous Unanimous

Masterface/Natureboy producer Cedar Apffel's
new project Two Twins full-length album
release via Bleek Records on April Fools Day 2014. 

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Producer Cedar Apffel is following up his last project, Masterface, with the forceful and sensitive record Anonymous Unanimous, under the name Two Twins. This album will fill up your room like a spray-foam bomb. The 9 songs are propelled by big bouncy beats and kept buoyant by drunken synthesizers, while ambient guitar loops swim and swirl around the layered vocals. Influences from synthpop, metal, dub and hip hop come together to form a cohesive expressive modern style.There is atmospheric architecture to these songs and they swagger in and out as if the city itself was perambulating. Two TwinsAnonymous Unanimous is out via Bleek Records on April Fools Day 2014. (4.1.14).

Two Twins Anonymous Unanimous was produced at his Alligator Lady Studios in Greenpoint, which Cedar owns and operates, and was mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering. The album features vocal contributions by Sara Kermanshahi (Natureboy) and, saxophone by Alec Speglmen. With this project Cedar picks up where his previous project Masterface left off, but the subtle atmospheric textures of Two Twins explores new musical territory with greater intimacy and depth.  Cover art by Andrew Piedilato.   

Two Twins No Windows - Single  Bleek Records BR018
Track Listing:
01. Thomas
02. Bell Tower
03. Casino
04. Undermine
05. Marcy
06. Fruit Fall
07. Unlimited Rewards
08. No Windows
09. Eucalyptus

 . . my personal fave (for any fan of TV on the Radio) Two Twins" - Deli Magazine

An impressive introduction to what promises to be one of the Spring's most engaging records."  - Gold Flake Paint

“vat-of-goo synthesizers beneath create a canvas of swampy, slow motion sound."  - Three Beams

“No Windows leaves you breathless. Two Twins are going to take the summer
outdoor anthem band title."
  - Bushwick Daily



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