Monday, May 16, 2011

Vincent Moon Launches His Nomadic Record Label "Petites Planètes"

Petites Planètes is a nomadic collection born somewhere, sometimes in 2011. A project by vincent moon and friends.

From Vincent Moon:

"After 5 years of documenting various forms of independent music, mostly in the realms of European and North American rock and pop music, I needed to explore other cultures, other sounds, and as much as possible expose some rare musicians to another light. My label Petites Planetes, born this year, is made of portraits of my favourite musicians around the world, mostly in non-english speaking countries. The goal behind Petites Planetes, amongst others, is to develop another idea of what has been categorized 'world music' for many years, by exploring on the spots lifes and cultures, from traditionnal music, to experimental and popular sounds. Showing those cultures to themselves, and not only for another type of western viewer, organizing filmings as many little local and social events involving the local people, while at the same time experimenting the relationships between music and cinema".

On you can download, for free under a CC licence, various portraits of amazing musicians around the world. The collection starts with TOM ZÉ, on his rooftop in Sao Paulo, and OLOF ARNALDS wandering the streets of Chinatown. You can watch the films, listen the soundtrack online, or download both of them.

Each friday, a new volume will be released, as well as some various and shorter outtakes from time to time. In the coming months, we will publish some recordings with the legend of samba ELZA SOARES, the new folk scene from Chile in TEMPORARY VALPARAISO, the inventor of la Rumba Catalana PERET, various films amongst cults like ZAR or UMBANDA, a studio recording of CARLINHOS BROWN in Salvador de Bahia, a cello and voice performance of NEY MATOGROSSO in Rio, and a lot of rare and sometimes unknown musicians, like the samba voice of DONA INAH from Sao Paulo, the unique talent of new folk songstress MARICEL YSASA in Buenos Aires, or the first ever recording of MAJIN DIAZ, the Jimmy Scott of Colombia.

Petites Planetes is a project made by Vincent Moon, and people he meets on the roads, in his travels. There is no production behind, no money from any company involved. The project is under generous donations only.

Also the website, anybody is able to organize a screening of his work, wherever they want, any film they want, in the wake of the success of EFTERKLANG's AN ISLAND private/public screenings.

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