Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holy Ghost! Release “Wait & See” Remix EP, Join Identity Festival Lineup!

Holy Ghost! Available Now Everywhere

Wait & See Remix EP Out Today via DFA Records

Check Out the Gorilla vs. Bear Premiere
of CFCF's “Wait & See” Remix HERE!

Grab the MP3 From DFA's Soundcloud Page

Watch the "Wait & See" Video
Starring Their Dads HERE!

Today sees the DFA release of the Wait & See Remix EP from Holy Ghost!, featuring remixes by Moby, CFCF, Flight Facilities, Kris Menace and Richard X. Head over to Gorilla vs. Bear to grab the free MP3 for CFCF’s remix of “Wait & See!” The band is also excited to announce their involvement in this summer’s first Identity Festival, an electronic touring festival that will touch down at outdoor amphitheaters from coast to coast. The band will join artists such as Pretty Lights, Rusko, Disco Biscuits, Skrillex, DJ Shadow, The Crystal Method, and many, many more on the tour! Check below to see which cities the Identity Festival will be touching down in this summer.

There are certain songs that are so very good, that the only singular word that accurately describes them is “satisfying.” “Wait & See” is one of those: an aural pleasure that scratches an itch and hits the spot so precisely, it almost feels like self-denial not to listen on repeat. On Holy Ghost!’s latest EP, the absurdly catchy single from their self-titled 2011 debut gets a makeover from five of dance music’s titans: CFCF, Flight Facilities, Moby, Kris Menace and Richard X. And while this batch of remixes finds the artists behind each track steering in new directions, each finds a way to capitalize on the irresistible danceability of the original.

In Moby’s case, that process begins with a newly included guitar riff, an ominous synth and a hint of the familiar keyboard line; the song lies in wait before being overtaken by intense, swelling synthesized strings and percussion that hits like a kick. Australia’s Flight Facilities pump up the rhythm and energy, resting everything on a disco-funk bassline so flawless in both its selection and placement, it feels like perfection. CFCF start with a more fluid, laidback feel- think lazing synths and crowd-rousing drums, and then insert deep electro bass alongside the circular, swimming keys.

Richard X takes a synth heavy turn, delivering a remix that feels like very essential (electro)pop. Producer Kris Menace’s Vocal Re-interpretation boils the vocals down to the party essentials, cutting straight to the hooky chorus and keeping all four beats squarely on the floor. And his straightforward redux snips even deeper, offering a voiceless instrumental to keep the night going.

DFA presents both a vinyl and digital version of this very necessary EP for dance music fans. The physical release contains the Holy Ghost! original, Kris Menace’s Vocal Re-Interpretation, and remixes from CFCF and Richard X. Included in the digital release are all of the aforementioned tracks, as well as contributions from Moby, Flight Facilities and Menace’s instrumental remix.

The Identity Festival Will Be Touching
Down In The Following Cities:

August 6 - Los Angeles, CA
August 11 - Chicago, IL
August 12 - Detroit, MI
August 13 - Pittsburgh, PA
August 14 - Holmdel, NJ
August 16 - Charlotte, NC
August 18 - Washington, DC
August 19 - Philadelphia, NJ
August 20 - Boston, MA
August 21 - New York, NY
August 23 - Atlanta, GA
August 24 - Tampa, FL
August 25 - Miami, FL
August 27 - Houston, TX
August 28 - Dallas, TX
August 30 - Albuquerque, NM
September 2 - San Diego, CA
September 3 - San Francisco, CA
September 4 - Irvine Meadows, CA
September 5 - Las Vegas, NV
September 10 - Seattle, WA

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