Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Gelb & A Band Of Gypsies release "Alegrias" today!

"Some of my favourite albums of the last 15 years have been from Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Tom Russell, Robbie Robertson and Billy Bob Thornton and they are all a bit like this with the singer virtually talking over the lo-fi backbeat but ALEGRIAS tops everything that came before it with Gelb’s mixing traditional Country and Spanish Flamenco sounds then seamlessly sliding in his own ‘special formula’ to create a brand new sound that defies categorisation; until you translate ALEGRIAS to English and it becomes……. Joy. " - Alan Harrison; No Depression

Alegrias, the long awaited release from Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, releases today, May 10th, via Fire Records.

In 2006, Howe Gelb embarked on a journey with a gospel choir with the result the astounding, critically acclaimed album Sno' Angel Like You. This new chapter sees Howe embellish a troop of flamenco playing gypsies, including the virtuoso guitarist Raimundo Amador (collaborated with Bjork and BB King) and is mixed by the legendary John Parish (PJ Harvey).

NEW MP3: Howe Gelb - "Uneven Light Of Day"
MP3: Howe Gelb - "4 Door Maverick"

Recorded atop a Cordoba roof with his 'Band Of Gypsies' in the Andalucía sun, Alegrias, is an exceptional new work from Howe Gelb. Originally only available in Spain, where the record enjoyed considerable success due in part to the wondrous contribution from Flamenco guitar virtuoso 'Raimundo Amador', Fire is pleased to be releasing the latest jewel in the considerable crown of Howe Gelb's musical delights.

Many have tried to blend Flamenco with their native style without success, which makes Alegrias more than a coming together of music. Alegrias is an event, a special moment captured by a collection of musicians who have been graced with the fortune of seamlessly marrying the rich Flamenco rhythms to Howe's own unique sound.

Maintaining the familiar taste of the Arizona desert that Howe has cultivated over the years, both solo and with Giant Sand, his sound embraces new shades that blend with the beats of flamenco as opposed to exist alongside, inspired by Howe's memories of the Tucson desert, painted with the sound of favourites Tom Waits, Miles Davis and Tomatito.

Howe encountered this record by chance after travelling to Cordoba, where he met Fernando Vacas. What started as an organic coming together of minds soon enjoyed input from local flamenco musicians that led to the exploration of uncharted territory somewhere between American roots rock, southern and border, and the purest flamenco.

"Alegrias never sips the same poison for any length of time, like a cocktail that doesn't care how it gets drunk." - Drowned In Sound

"Individually every track sounds outstanding but when heard in one complete offering (which is a rarity for the download generation) you know that you are listening to something very very special." - No Depression

"It is a curious disc, and I find it absolutely wonderful." - Green Man Review

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