Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tyburn Saints announce new EP for July 15 release

Artist: Tyburn Saints
Album: With the Night in Our Eyes
Release Date: 07.15.14
Label: Balaclava Records

Northside Festival Showcase:

Friday, June 13

Trash Bar (256 Grand Street, Brooklyn)

w/ The Goodnight Darlings, Dead Leaf Echo, Tiers

Track Listing:
01. You'll Get Nothing
02. She's So
03. With the Night in Our Eyes
04. A Season to Define Us
05. With the Light in Our Eyes
06. A Way With Her
"post rock to classic 80s gothic pop to Nick Cave at his most operatic" - The Mad Mackerel

"evokes influences from rock bands from the "peak" of the 80s, like U2 and The Cure" - The Deli

"urgent and classy"

"they mix their new wave synths with post-punk rhythms" -
 Independent Clauses

"gratifyingly dark yet upbeat" - Unrecorded

Brooklyn's Tyburn Saints to release new EP With the Night in Our Eyes July 15 + playing Northside Festival June 13

"The band, creates cinematic soundscapes of surf rock and post punk with a haunting, early 80′s-style detached sound simliar to The Cure, U2, Psychedelic Furs and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds." - Indie Rock Cafe

With the Night in Our Eyes, the new album from New York band, Tyburn Saints was recorded by Ian Love (Rival Schools) in Brooklyn, NY and produced with Grammy award winner Guy Massey (Beatles,Manic Street PreachersDepeche Mode,Spiritualized and The Chameleons) in London. It will be released by Balaclava Records out of São Paulo, Brazil.
Tyburn Saints fully embrace the sonic landscapes of shoegaze and dream-pop, with blankets of warmth ushered in by Cocteau Twins-esque guitars (similar also to LSD and the Search for God or The Bethany Curve) juxtaposed against the intelligible, meaningful vocals of lead singer Johnny Gimenez. He still has a voice comparable to Nick Cave or Stephen Merritt, though at times it comes through with much more aplomb and command like David Bowie.
Hear "With the Night in Our Eyes" onSoundcloud or via The Big Takeover
The album is best played loud and wouldn’t be out of place on a Greg Araki movie. The stylistic choices made resemble some sort of lost B-side to an obscure new-wave/post-punk band.
Gimenez’s vocals rush by like a drive through the city at night, bottles tossed out the window. And that’s what this album feels like: night tales. These Brooklynites reside in a mecca once known for producing unique musical and avant-garde acts. The original days of no-wave might be over, but Tyburn Saints, along with other acts like Pop.1280 and The Men, are embracing past sounds and the seedy nature accompanied with acts long gone. You get a feel for their home with their music. All those times of hazy appearances, mistakes made, and sleepless nights…

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