Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Slaptop "Sunrise" out today via Ensemble / +1 Records (over 100,000 streams within 2 days)

Slaptop Releases First Single “Sunrise” today via Ensemble / +1 Records (iTunes HERE)

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This Song Is Sick premiered “Sunrise” HERE  
(over 100,000 streams in 2 days)  
Slaptop was born in the abandoned buildings and forgotten beaches of the Northern California Coast. His music evokes feelings of wandering through sun-soaked adventures and chasing a wild youthful spirit. His debut single,"Sunrise," is out today via Ensemble / +1 Records (iTunes HERE) and is about a group of friends embarking on an all-night adventure that culminates in watching the sunrise together. They call it a "Sunsquad." The single was fittingly written and produced over the course of one night in Slaptop's college dorm room.

Last week the single was revealed via This Song Is Sick which gathered over 100,000 streams in the first 2 days and it shot to the top 5 of the hype machine popular charts in no time. 

“Filled to the brim with a cluster of melodic elements such as subtle drum and xylophone patterns, sexy saxophone solo's, and lyrics that bring chill vibes to the production…will have you hitting the replay button repetitively” – This Song Is Sick

"From ethereal bells to organic percussion, vocoded vocals to glitched out hi-hats, and even a trumpet that shreds (YES. A TRUMPET. THAT SHREDS.), it’s hard to believe this is Slaptop‘s first release." - Kick Kick Snare
"Don’t mistake the carefree sounds for something overly simple, though, because his ability to blend together jazz, house, and pop into a well-balanced song is second to none." - Hilly Dilly
6/27: San Francisco, CA @ DNA Lounge (w/ STRFKR) (tix stage 10pm / all ages)
7/26: Los Angeles, CA @ The Standard Downtown (stage 1-2pm)
About Ensemble Records:
Ensemble Records is a new singles label from Brooklyn, NY that emphasizes the magic of collaboration in dance music.  It is a contemporary spin on a symphony orchestra. Instead of one person composing for everyone (as in an orchestra), all of the musicians, artists, filmmakers, and writers are producing art for themselves and each other.  It’s not just about following notes on a page, but instead creating your own musical and visual ideas and expressing them collaboratively.
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