Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Satellites Release British Sleeper Hit 02 in the U.S.

Lush without being pompous, subtle without being obtuse, and really rather lovely
The Guardian

‘…like a modern day The The’ - Mojo
He has the knack of turning what are no doubt everyday trials into songs with an epic thrust’ - Clash Magazine
A surprising discovery, Satellites’ second record is stuffed with complex motifs and effects, cleverly deployed with a rich vocal for an invigorating, expansive listen.
– Vinyl Today
In the summer of 2012, a completely unknown band called Satellites released an elaborately packaged, “limited edition” (only 500 copies) album simply entitled Satellites 01. The album, available only in the UK, garnered rave reviews, winding up #16 on Rough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2012” that year.
Satellites 02 followed soon after, again released only in the UK, with gorgeous “bring back the beauty of the album” packaging, and again the critically acclaimed album wound up on Rough Trade’s “Best Albums of 2013” charts.
Satellites is actually writer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Johnny Vic, an Englishman living in Copenhagen, who has spent most of his professional life touring the world as a band member and musical director for other more famous artists.
Since their initial release both 01 and 02 have gained momentum. They became blogger gold in the UK, word of mouth successes that received write-ups from The GuardianMojo & Clash. This summer Vic is finally making his long-awaited jump across the pond, releasing 02 for an American audience. The American release will be available as a“producer’s cut,” featuring four more tracks than its UK counterpart.
To celebrate the release of Satellites 02 in the U.S., Vic is giving away “God Bless America,” his own introspective homage to our fine land. The song is written from the perspective of a foreigner spending a two-year stint living in the States. “I wrote the song one sleepless night in a hotel room somewhere in middle America,” he says. “I was channel hopping and the song is literally about what was on TV. Only in America would you see a guy selling a piece of cloth that he said had been blessed by Jesus and that, if purchased and kept about one’s person, would scare off the devil! Then there was a news article about some lonely kid who had gone on a gun rampage.  It’s not an anti-American song by any means. It’s more a song about how crazy the place is for someone coming from outside.“
Look for 02, out in the US, on August 19, 2014.
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