Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sassparilla releases two records on the same day, two records with very different approaches (DOWNLOAD + STREAM link included)

"The first reaction to hearing the news that longtime Portland band Sassparilla is releasing not one but two albums tonight is that it's simply too much of anything, good or bad. But a listen to the pair of platters—Pasajero and Hullabaloo—reveals two very different approaches. Pasajero is a studio-driven, atmospheric record with rock flourishes and careful craft; Hullabaloo is rawer, rootsier, and rustier, bearing the traits of the band's boisterous live show. Music-critic logic would hold, then, that Hullabaloo is the better of the two—the Lucky Town to Pasajero's Human Touch—but it turns out that each record has its own worthwhile strengths. In fact, the only crime Sassparilla commits is displaying an abundance of stylistic interest. It's a fair amount to swallow, but taken together, the two albums run just over an hour, so it's not as if Sassparilla has ventured into Use Your Illusion territory or anything." - Ned Lannamann, Portland Mercury

"Cool Thing":  

"What The Devil Don't Know":

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