Monday, June 16, 2014

Parlour Tricks Join Post-Echo, to Release "Medals" on 12" Vinyl June 24th, Watch the Promo for the New Album

While listening to mixes of its debut full length, South Carolina’s Death Becomes Even The Maiden realized that a name change would best signify the profound development of its core sound. Shedding elements of its aggressive post-punk crescendos for a more refined and melodic design, the trio re-christened itself Parlour Tricks. And though punched-up choruses and heightened musicianship may have replaced some of the shrill screams and squealing guitars of past 7”s, Parlour Tricks retains the tension and nervous energy that made Death Becomes Even The Maiden’s music so memorable.
Next Tuesday, June 24th, Parlour Tricks will drop Medals on 12" vinyl. The album will be made available in gold, silver, and bronze colors via the Post-Echo music store.
In the meantime, watch the official video promo for Medals to experience a brief preview of what's to come.
1. Entropy
2. Radio Out
3. Atomic Age
4. Cathedral
5. Red
6. Frequency
7. Eleven
8. White Lies
9. Neon Lights
10. Bronze Cast
11. Left
12. Down in the Minefield of a Memory
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Visit Parlour Tricks' official Post-Echo artist page.

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