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NYC's Grimiest Underground Metal Band DOOMSDAY MOURNING Releases New Single 'Perception Management' feat. Jayden Panesso of SYLAR

Doomsday Mourning - Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness

2014 – “An Exercise in Futility” Single “Imagine rhythmically technical guitar riffs that convey a hardcore feeling with subtle hip hop influence — and all of it done right.”

2012 - Culture of Corruption EP “Their music is straight to the point and it possesses plenty of New York attitude. Utilizing down-tuned guitars, intricate polyrhythms, and in your face lyrics.”

2010 – “The Science of Exploitation” EP
iTunes review ratings (5 Stars): “In the midst of discovering this holy artifact I very well may have just lost control of all bodily functions due to the sheer face ripping, skull beating power this album offers. Pure genius.”

Ranked in the Top 10 CMJ charts

Ranked in Top 10 Most Requested Bands on WSOU (89.5 FM/NJ)

New York’s grimiest underground metal band, DOOMSDAY MOURNING, is back and more brutal than ever with their highly-anticipated full-length album Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness, available now via To The Point Records. Find it now on iTunes Amazon, Spotify, Rdio, and more.

Today also marks the web release of the band’s brand new single ‘Perception Management’ featuring Jayden Panesso of fellow Queens, NY metal band Sylar. Check out the single now via the band’s Facebook page

Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness also includes the band’s recently released single ‘An Exercise in Futility’, now available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more. You can watch the official lyric video for the track via YouTube here:

Negligent Acts of Calculated Recklessness is filled with some of the best brutal riffs and tech slam’s known to man, which is whatDOOMSDAY MOURNING does best. The record also includes several notable cameos by artists like Jayden Panesso of Sylar, Jake Wolf of Reflections, Noah Friend of World of Pain, Dan Schuy of Psycho Enhancer and AJ Channer of Ashes Within.

DOOMSDAY MOURNING is an urban-influenced, no holds barred, metal onslaught from Queens, New York. Since their inception in 2009, the band has taken the metal scene by storm, utilizing their punishing grooves and brutally honest lyrics. Built on a foundation of street credibility, dark intensity, and sheer brutality, DOOMSDAY MOURNING continues to unfold in new and creative directions.

While having only released two independent EPs (The Science of Exploitation (2010) and Culture of Corruption (2012) with guest spots including Frankie Palmeri (Emmure), Ronnie Canizaro (Born of Osiris), Ricky Armellino (This or The Apocalypse), among others, the band has gained worldwide notoriety and a rabid fan base. Since their inception, DOOMSDAY MOURNING has shared the stage with bands like Impending DoomDisembodiedVision of DisorderRemembering NeverNorma JeanOceanoThe Ghost Inside,XibalbaChelsea GrinStick to your GunsStray From The PathFit For an AutopsyLionheartThis or The Apocalypse.


Catch DOOMSDAY MOURNING performing near you on their official #NAOCR U.S. headline tour this summer, kicking off in Brooklyn, NY on July 16th and ending in Puerto Rico on August 2nd. See below for a full listing of tour dates:

7/16 - Brooklyn, NY @ COCO 66
7/17 - Albany, NY @ FUZE BOX
7/18 - Hull, MA @ C NOTE
7/19 - Sayville, NY @ SOUL SOUNDS
7/20 – Kingston, NY @ ANCHOR BAR
7/22 - Wilmington, DE @ MOJO 13
7/23 - Virginia Beach, VA @ ROGERS SPORTS PUB
7/24 - Raleigh, NC @ SLIMS
7/25 – Fayetteville, NC @ THE DRUNKEN HORSE
7/28 - Valdosta, GA @ ELDER HOUSE
7/29 - Tallahassee, FL @ PUGS LIVE
7/30 - Odessa, FL @ THE GOAT HOUSE
7/31 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ REVOLUTION LIVE
8/01 - San Juan, PR @ HELLS BELLS
8/02 - San Juan, PR @ HELLS BELLS
8/05 – Johnson City, TN @ THE MECCA LOUNGE
8/06 – Cincinnati, OH @ RAKES
8/07 – Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
8/08 – York, PA @ F.H. PAPPYS

Danny Grossarth – DRUMS
Jorge Colon - VOCALS
Dennis Rivera - GUITARS
Stephen Dillaro – GUITARS

Visit: for more info.

An Exercise in Futility – 2014 Single

Culture of Corruption – 2012 EP

The Science of Exploitation – 2010 EP

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