Monday, June 2, 2014

Invisible Oranges Streaming Exclusive Tracks From ROG & PIP's Our Revolution

Our Revolution Available July 8th on Rise Above Relics
Guitarist Roger Lomas and Singer/Guitarist Pip Whitcher (AKA ROG & PIP) were members of Coventry freakbeat legends The Sorrows. Along with the other remaining members of the band they relocated to Italy in the late 60's due to huge popularity over there. Homesick, the pair returned back to the UK before the swinging decade was even over.

The pair continued writing material together, eventually becoming a partnership lasting well into the 70's. During this time they recorded a vast amount of material, mainly at the state of the art AIR studios. Fortunately, budding producer (and Grammy award winner) Lomas made sure he kept tapes of everything they recorded, the fruits of which can be heard here for the very first time!

Today, Invisible Oranges is hosting an exclusive stream of the first single(s) that ROG & PIP released.  The songs "From a Window/Warlord" can be heard exclusively HERE.

Starting with Sabbath/ Zeppelin-esque proto-metal blast of debut single From a Window/War Lord, they released a string of singles under various guises such as ROG & PIP, Renegade and the Zips. The sounds they created progressed with the times, yet they always maintained a raw and gritty aggressive tone, whether performing bulldozing metal or hard-edged early glam rock. Our Revolution will give you a glimpse into the world ofROG & PIP and make you wonder why they never really cracked it as a duo. Their songs will do the talking.

This collection is of largely previously unreleased recordings from this cult duo of the psychedelic/progressive and glam rock eras.  It includes detailed sleeve notes, unseen photos and deluxe packaging.  The limited vinyl pressing includes a bonus 7" with initial copies.  The vinyl can be pre-ordered on Amazon HERE and the CD version can be pre-ordered HERE.

1. Why Won't You Do What I Want
2. My Revolution
3. Rock With Me
4. Evil Hearted Woman
5. Gold
6. Doin' Alright Tonight
7. A Little Rock 'N' Roll
8. Hot Rodder
9. It's A Lonely World
10. Why Do You Treat Me Like That
11. From A Window
12. War Lord

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