Monday, June 9, 2014

HAEMOPHAGUS - Italian Death/Thrash Metal on Razorback Records

Haemophagus from Italy gives us one of the best Death/Thrash Metal albums in recent times. Imagine CarcassImpetigoAutopsy andMassacre put in a blender and served with an extra strong dash of Thrash. Rabid, groovy and fun, 'Atrocious' explores all the classic sounds and keeps the music entertaining from start to finish. This one features guest appearances from Dopi (Machetazo), Uchino (Coffins), Dave (P.L.F.). 

Line-up -
David - Drums (Morbo, Undead Creep, Assumption)
Giorgio - Guitar, Vocals (Morbo, ex-Undead Creep, Elevators to the Grateful Sky)
Gas - Bass
Gioele - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Youtube song

Transcending Obscurity - Webzine, Record Label and PR Company

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