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Dream Boat share first track off 9/16 LP ft. mbrs Olivia Tremor Control & Neutral Milk Hotel at Spin. RIYL: Peaking Lights, Grouper, Beach House

Dream Boat announce sophomore LP for 9/16 release via Cloud Recordings & Arrowhawk

Dream Boat - "Way Out" via SPIN
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"...the sonic water bearers of 2014 Athens, Georgia psychedelia. Their resume, and that of their collaborators, spans the canon of the local psych scene -- including members of The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and Neutral Milk Hotel … spaced-out strings-and-synths meditation ... a cosmic, tender take on the dark, vibed-out psychadelia of the band's debut years ago." - SPIN

Photo: Josh Janke

The Rose Explodes is the lush and percussive sophomore release from Athens, GA’s psychedelic collective Dream Boat. The band began as a collaboration between Page Campbell and Dan Donahue, two artists/musicians born on the same Aquarian day. Together, they bridge several generations of Athens' psychedelic collectives and musical freak families. Page has performed in Hope for Agoldensummer, among other projects, for over a decade. Dan, a longtime Elephant 6 collaborator, has penned lyrics for Bear in Heaven, Of Montreal and Elf Power.
With engineer/musician Suny Lyons, Page and Dan weave the sounds of many amazing players, such as Scott Spillane (Neutral Milk Hotel), John Fernandes (Olivia Tremor Control), Andrew Reiger (Elf Power), Claire Campbell (Hope for Agoldensummer), James Husband (Of Montreal), and Kris Deason (Dark Meat).
Dream Boat's 2012 debut album Eclipsing was a Fader favorite as well as Paste's "Best of What's Next". Some reviews lamented that its December release kept Eclipsing off of year-end lists. PopMatters wrote "Eclipsing doesn't have a poor moment on it and deserves a place on any Best of 2012 list." The album garnered praise for its expansive mixes, range of instrumentation, and crystalline vocal harmonies. On their new album, Dream Boat continues their exploration of these heavenly soundscapes, wrapping them around a new, more vibrant intensity. The Rose Explodes is much like the name implies- soft and sensual on the surface, with a seething power just under the skin. With intimate, cosmic imagery, themes of sexuality, love, loss and being lost, move throughout the record.
The first, title track begins with expressive, layered vocals that bend in pulsating harmony with the textured music. Synths, strings, and marimba echo to one another in one natural voice, a kaleidoscope of sound. The first track drops into the second, “Escape”, and a driving, fevered energy breaks into the ethereal space. Throughout The Rose, intensity rises and falls. This album soothes and stimulates, simultaneously using tension and then relief. In the song “Closest”, lyrics and music are drenched in sweet desperation, expressing both the beauty and pain of longing. This music is meant to be medicinal, repeated doses reveal layers upon layer of carefully created space.
Also visual artists, Page and Dan have both designed art for their own bands as well as others'. Dan's artwork, video, and visuals have been used by countless groups like MGMT, Belle and Sebastian, Pavement and R.E.M. The cover design of Dan's well received art book Ultraviolet, a history and collection of black light posters, was recently used by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, for the upcoming Electric Wurms album cover. With visual art always in mind, Dream Boat's live shows include color-saturated psychedelic projections which reflect the cosmic, transcendent and emotive qualities that live in this music.

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