Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chicago's The Lemons Release Split w/ Tokyo's Teen Runnings

RIYL: The Memories, aliens in space, dancing hot dogs, 60's jangly pop, anything off of Burger Records
Straight on the heels of the blustery winter freeze and torrential spring downpours comes a five-track split of sunny lo-fi pop from Chicago’s The Lemons and Tokyo’s Teen Runnings. The Lemons will color your ears pastel while you catch some rays at the beach or get day-drunk at your friendly neighborhood backyard barbecue. Teen Runnings swing more toward the side of technicolor, with swirling lo-fi dream pop tunes ready-made for nighttime bike rides and summer romance.

The Lemons have also created an interactive music video for "Lemoncita". You can view the video-only version below or click here for the interactive versionNote: You move around by using the arrow buttons and your mousepad. Video art by Jordan Speer.

In addition to the split, the video, and becoming just so, so huge in Asia -- The Lemons are in the midst of a Spring / Summer tour with The Memories. Tour dates listed here. 

The Lemons "Lemoncita"
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