Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Black Bananas LP now streaming via Pitchfork Advance

After sharing Liars' remix of their single, "Physical Emotions", Black Bananas is are back today to share a stream of their entire album via Pitchfork Advance. The Advance features exclusive art byFreeman and Lowe as well as art from the band. Check out the stream of the album below and look out for Electric Brick Wall, which is out next week via Drag City.

LISTEN: Black Bananas - Electric Brick Wall


LISTEN: "Physical Emotions (Liars Remix)" - 

WATCH: "Physical Emotions" - 

Upcoming Shows:

8/8/14 - Seaport Music Festival - New York, NY

More about Black Bananas and Electric Brick Wall:

Up against the Electric Brick Wall, motherfuckers!

Black Bananas is Jennifer Herrema, Nadav Eisenman, Brian McKinley and Kurt Midness. They work with their machines to play rock that's progressive, experimenting and never less than super-exciting, fuckingly awesome amazing. They do it becuz it's fun and it sounds rad.

With eyes and ears out for the phases and strains of rock past and present, Black Bananas are on the lookout for a sound that mainly exists in their mind, an idea of sound to wrap around the tunes, a cattle-prod sneaking around the backside of your aural cortex. To jolt you into magical thinking. And to make you jump, and make your hair stand up. Yeah, Black Bananas' production pays forward the psychotropic effect with ultimate line blur, but Electric Brick Wall is solidly composed of time-tested elements - the beat, the groove, licks, builds and bridges, fused together for projection as a new musical shred-spress to the stars.

The lead single, "Physical Emotions," is a dance-floor blast that our ears and minds deeply needed - an invitation back in da club - and now Electric Brick Wall solves even more problems by introducing more and harder beats, upping the sugar quotient along with the strychnine in a line of insanely hilarious new music hybrids aplenty. It's an age of hybrids - but Black Bananas come on with hot Yankee ingenuity, true cross-breeders with a refreshing lack of values and a corresponding shortage of shame, producing variations like trance-bounce, new jack metal, dub-gum, rhythm-n-bus, nu country-psych-hop and glam-core. The gamut of these andmore is run, and there's so much to hear inside the Electric Brick Wall of sound - played on the guitar simulator, the digital saw and the blues synth, tweaked to wack perfection, with vocals, vocals and more vocals rocketing EVERYWHERE.  

So yeah, a brave new world of sounds that rock you the BEST. Because no matter how elevated their strange sonic pursuit, Black Bananas keep their feet on the ground, their toes in the sand of life as it is down in the street. The ultimate hybrid is the dream of the reality of the dream. On Electric Brick Wall, Black Bananas are in total control. They've stood up next to the mountain and they're electric; they're splayed out in front of the brick wall, an iconic backdrop for rock and rollers of infinite ages - but this time, it's a wall with a switch, a wall that you can turn on and off. Black Bananas are a band with the tools in their hand, hotwiring the concept of what they can be and not needing to be anything else.

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