Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pharmakos announces album + shares single

Pharmakos is proud to announce the release of his new LP, Nude. He recently shared a stream of single, "Only Child", off the album. Pharmakos is the solo project of Dallas' musician Cole Garner Hill. The album explores the depths of personal anxiety and mental health through experimental rock. Nude will be available digitally and on a limited run of cassettes via Pour le corps records on April 15th. Check out a stream of the single and full album details below.
About Pharmakos:
"I hate the label, but Pharmakos is basically my "solo project." I hadn't played music for about 4 years, and had never done anything solo before when I first started writing music for Pharmakos 3 years ago. I'm obsessed with movies - especially old stuff, horror, weirdo esoteric art films, and classic film actresses - and wanted to make my own version of "cinematic" music. Music that's experimental and almost score-like, but aggressively distinct and slightly unhinged. Something that could turn on you in an instant. A sound that could be beautiful, unnerving and intriguing all in the span of one song, or hopefully even all at once.

Nude was originally imagined as a concept record told from the point of view of a serial killer throughout various stages of his life, from childhood and high school to adulthood and transformation. I thought of the song titles first and then wrote the music and lyrics.
I began writing and recording the album in January 2011 in the corner of my bedroom in Dallas, recording the first Pharmakos songs, "Autopsy" and "Kim Novak," during a snowstorm. The rest was written and recorded over the next two years in a home studio set up in the middle of my living room in my place in Brooklyn. Much of the album's resulting feel and sound were results of midnight recording sessions, a bad breakup, extreme isolation, lack of heating/intense cold and cabin fever. I definitely went a little crazy while finishing the last half of the record. By the end, I wanted to capture the sound of a mental breakdown, and I think I succeeded.

I wrote all the lyrics and music for Nude and play everything on the record (guitar, synths, drums, vocals, etc). An old friend of mine, Aaron Sternick who plays bass in the great Philly indie rock band Tinmouth, co-produced roughly 4-5 songs on the record."

- Cole

(April 15th, Pour le Corps Records)

1. Autopsy
2. Kim Novak
3. Rinceau of Acanthus
4. Only Child
5. Intimate Crime
6. Raw Force
7. Black Moss
8. Indian Resin
9. Tips for a Struggling Actress
10. Kingdom Come

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