Friday, March 21, 2014

THUNDEREGG's "C'mon Thunder" Hatches on May 13th!

"Thunderegg's lyrics express the humor of real life situations, new-found love, bad baseball announcers,
and daily life in simple songs with sweet melodies." —My Old Kentucky Home

"This is the kind of band that the Indie scene is all about, a great band giving it all back to the listeners.
This band deserves your love!"—Waxfruit

When great music and great lyrics collide, that intersection can be intensely sublime… and that's exactly what happened with the new album C'MON THUNDER (release date: May 13, 2014; self-released) by NYC expat/SF new resident THUNDEREGG, a.k.a. Will Georgantas.
Lyrically cinematic and conversationally literate while musically textured and impeccably presented, it's witty, infectious and profoundly likeable—jangly in some places, driving and propulsive in others, and lilting and balladic in even others. To Thunderegg front man Will Georgantas, words he chooses are more than just tools uses for describing life; the words themselves ARE his life. From his time at Yale, where he majored in English and wrote for the Yale Herald, to his stops as a fiction-writing MFA at Columbia and a copy editor at Esquire magazine, to the writing-focused public high school in the South Bronx he undertook and helped create, Georgantas has lived a life of words.
C'mon Thunder is simply an extension of that existence, brought to life through music, while breathing in Georgantas's abilities to viscerally capture the beautiful details buried in the mundane. In "We Kissed Again, Then Ran Some More," for example, Georgantas captures a glimpse of a bitter cold but hopeful winter night as a teen, stating "the heater starts to blow warm on our February hands." That detail, which would possibly be overlooked during the normalcies of a commonplace day, becomes of staple of the storytelling. Through Nick Hornby–style short stories like "Your Shoes Are Stupid" and "I'd Stay," Georgantas gathers split-second glimpses of lives throughout the neighborhood. C'mon Thunder is glued together with the everyday elements of life, taken from the everyday elements of Georgantas's himself.
C'mon Thunder artwork
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Georgantas kicked off that process during a weekend getaway from a writing conference in Amherst, Virginia. Traveling three hours east to Richmond to record the song "Summer Kids" with famed producer Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Cracker, The Comas), the one-off session from the cultish lo-fi outfit would blossom into a collection of full-band recordings that tug the coattails of the 1990's abandoned indie-rock scene. The 18-track full length yields similarities to Camper Van Beethoven and The Eels, managing to touch on the nerves and resurrect elements of a once-thriving music scene while maintaining a clever and current personality.
It is because of this that C'mon Thunder is as much a part of who Georgantas is today as what Thunderegg was when it formed in 1992. It is because of this that when the album is released on May 13, 2014, Georgantas will still have plenty of reason to allow his words to define him. After all, those words are his life, not just his tools to describe it.

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