Monday, March 3, 2014

Folding Legs Release "Drown In Light" Video

“Not only does the band incorporate performance art on stage, but their songs are fantastic, and there's a unique synergy that exists with them that's hard to describe” Buzz Chips

“Their songs have the potential to impress both fans of poignant, introspective crafters of musical compositions and also dance parties for the hiply disenfranchised.”  
Philthy Mag

“Vocalist, Katharina Stenbeck’s bare-naked voice cuts deep like no other artist I can think of.” NY Social Status 

Brooklyn-based alt-rock/indie-pop quartet Folding Legs have just premiered their video for “Drown In Light”, the visceral title track form their debut EP (out now via KID Recordings) on Magnet. Watch it here. The band (whose members hail from New York City, Vienna and Stockholm) have developed a distinctive melodic sound that incorporates diverse musical influences from artists like Talking Heads, Radiohead, Bootsy Collins and Laurie Anderson, as well as, Swedish folklore, performance art and surrealist film as evidenced by their transfixing new video.

Their “art rock meets power-pop” fuelled debut EP brings into sharp focus their thunderous sonic panorama supplanted by skilled musicianship, rich melodies, expressive vocals and vivid, self-reflecting storytelling. The frenetic stomp of opener “This Glass House”, which chronicles the shattering of a relationship and the strength and clarity that comes after, sets the stage for their disarming sound that can be as bold and angular as it is fragile and crystalline. The introspective and cinematic “Double Time”, one of the set’s highlights, starts with a sparse piano melody that is overtaken by front woman Katharina Stenbeck’s seductive vocal as she addresses a lover she keeps urging to “break the silence”. Her intimacy and directness is underpinned by a fearless sound that alternates between volcanic and pastoral with ease. The mesmerizing closer “Spring on 93rd St” is a nostalgic lament for an unfaithful partner with a delicate melancholic arrangement. This is the sound of a band unafraid to be insightful, defiantly honest and daringly raw.

Folding Legs is:
Katharina Stenbeck – Lead Vocals, Scenic Design
Gregory Henits – Bass, Vocals
Christopher Cerny – Guitar
Jesse Richman – Drums

Drown in Light on iTunes

Drown in Light on SoundCloud

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