Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cathy Release Get Out Of Here On White Iris Records

Brooklyn-based band Cathy release their Get Out Of Here 7" today on
White Iris Records. Available digitally and on limited edition hand-numbered
. Cathy’s music has ragged edges, complex curves and melodic
songwriting that captures the heat and excitement of rock- n-roll’s best,
calling to mind bands like The Kinks, The Who, Nick Lowe, and Elvis Costello.
They are fast, exciting, and felt. Happy to holler, scream, and stomp to the
commonalities of experience and loss and too smart to steer into the easy
pitfalls of convention, the band takes a spirited rush at rock n' roll with no
apologies made. 
Check out the title track for proof, you won't be sorry.
Cathy was formed in 2009 so that singer Jeremy WIllis could collect
on a $50 bet and get guitarist and singer William Suran out of the
house after a bad break up. They quickly worked up a set and the fifty
bucks was collected after a raucous debut that ended with bassist Shawn
King pummeling a heckler. Propelled by unstoppable drummer Ian Miller,
Cathy have been blasting great rock and roll around it’s native New York
City ever since. Their exciting live shows, great songs, and self depreciating
humor have brought them a following and they have shared stages with acts
like The Districts, The Figgs, Kyp Malone, and Liz Phair.
Cathy sing the laments of the everyday in a driving, propulsive
fashion. Not since Jonathan Richman has any musical outfit justified
a look at the everyday with music like this. Cathy take a flamethrower to
the curtains of any argument about influence. Sure, there’s some identifiable
ancestry – the best of ‘90s indie rock (The Archers of Loaf, Guided By Voices),
the late ‘80s Hoboken sound (Yo La Tengo), but they inform Cathy’s subtly.
They jangle, yes, but they pound behind it with an unmatched frenzy, reminding
listeners of great bands like The Clean, The Wipers and The Replacements,
and The Kinks.
Record Release Show
3/28 Magic City - Brooklyn, NY 
w/ The Finks, Four Eyes, Sebastian Blanck ft. Hannah Cohen,
Winstons, Night Dogs
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