Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brooklyn's Sleepers Work releases "No Turn Before The Shoreline" today; full album streaming with Ghettoblaster!

Brooklyn ambient-pop artist Sleepers Work releases No Turn Before The Shoreline today, via Primary Records!

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Record Release Show in Brooklyn tonight at
Bossa Nova, with Joel Ford!

"Catherine" via Brooklyn Vegan

Photo: William Flynn

"Brooklyn musician William Flynn has worked with the likes of St. Vincent, Acrylics, Aufgang and The Prids, but as Sleepers Work, he produces a more atmospheric form of hypnotic, electronic music. He’s releasing his debut album, No Turn Before the Shoreline, this spring, which contains “Basment Lights”, a gorgeously dreamy track with hazy effects and a sonic warmth you can wrap yourself in like a blanket."
- Jeff Terich, Treble

Primary Records is proud to announce No Turn Before The Shoreline, the first full length release from Sleepers Work. Sleepers Work is William Flynn (St. Vincent, Acrylics, Aufgang, and The Prigs), a multi-instrumentalist and producer currently calling Brooklyn home.
Sleepers Work - "Basement Lights" via Treble

No Turn Before The Shoreline is the product of years of listening, collecting, questioning, splicing, synthesizing, and brilliantly combining sounds in a meticulous quest to reflect a state of truth and comfort through a highly polished musical looking-glass. Each song on the album has its own birthing story, a living breathing product of months of gestation. The opening track, ‘Dawn And The Moon’, depicts the insomnia stricken emotions of a mind racing throughout the night and the duality of beauty and anxiety that the sleepless soul experiences at sunrise. When asked about the final track on the album, ‘Through The Window’, Flynn traces its origins back to “thinking about my grandparents and great grandparents and wondering how they experienced New York while living here throughout the various decades of the 20th century.”
Click here to see the video for "Dawn And The Moon."

Flynn produced and assembled No Turn Before The Shoreline over a 6 month period using his own library of found and created material. “I would just grab a sound, start pitching it, pulling it, looping it, messing with the attack and release. I found the specific moments I liked, and then moved on to grabbing the next layer in the same way.” Demo recordings of his sister, instrumental stems from various projects he had engineered or played on, and field recordings are just some of the sounds that were diligently combined to create ambient song worlds. Through the album artwork and thematic fragments peppered throughout these recordings Flynn brings a vibrant depiction of New York City, past and present, to life, with all of its different personalities and nuances.
Check out this wonderful remix Sleepers Work did for "StayThere, I'll Come To You",
by label mate, Jonah Parzen-Johnson, via Buzz & Howl.

As a jazz conservatory survivor, proficient multi-instrumentalist, and effortlessly creative improviser, Flynn has performed and recorded with a huge range of artists in his career. His sound design and composition work has placed him in collaboration with artists and directors including Tom Kuntz, with whom he created a ten hour long remix of material provided by Lucky Dragons for Kuntz’s “Bug” audio-visual installation which premiered at the Sydney Opera House’s Vivid Sydney festival in 2011. He also contributed work to Tom’s latest installation, which showcased music by Dan Deacon and premiered at the Sonos Gallery in Los Angeles this past spring. Flynn also worked as a sound designer on Daft Punk’s music video for ‘Derezzed’ from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack.
No Turn Before the Shoreline will be released on limited edition, 12-inch vinyl by Primary Records in Spring 2014. It will be available online and in record stores across North America.

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