Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Prophets & Kings release debut LP today! New single shared!

The four Chattanooga hellions of Prophets & Kings have garnered comparisons to Dan Deacon, Yeasayer, Cut Copy, and Junior Boys. PK’s balancing act between danceable pop and experimental electro, grounded in a commanding stage presence and ATL-crunk rhythms keeps the toes tapping and mind guessing.
While traveling through Uganda, Prophets and Kings’ Stratton Tingle (vocals) and Jon-Michael Brown (samples and guitar) struck up a conversation at Fang Fang Chinese Restaurant, where they realized they shared a freakish amount of common experiences, including being based in Chattanooga and owning 1998 Mexican-made Stratocasters customized with the same Seymour Duncan pickups. That happenstance meeting was in 2003; the two have collaborated ever since.

NEW MP3 (Cleared to post): Prophets & Kings - "First Taste"
MP3 (Cleared to post): Prophets & Kings - "Die to Rest"

The pair was in a series of bands from 2004 to 2006, playing indie-pop songs and working on improvisational thrash performances. Tingle met Eric Lisica (drums) in 2006, and they hit it off despite having dissimilar musical tastes; Tingle had a penchant for old-time string bands, while Lisica exclusively listened to Southern rap and Croatian techno. Lisica joined the band and Travis Ringstaff, a university student studying contrabass and music theory, was drafted to round out the quartet.
Upcoming Shows:
08.13 Collective Warehouse (Chattanooga, TN)
08.20 • The Peter Cat (Huntsville, AL)
08.26 Night Fall Concert Series (Chattanooga, TN)
09.24 PK's (Carbondale, IL)

Prophets & Kings was sculpted out of ashes of a series of broken relationships – familial, romantic, and professional. Songs were built on the cloud using various sequencing and audio recording programs, with band members approving of the finished product via electronic correspondence. This creative process that began at the time and place of individual inspiration molded the songs into an album. The most intimate, unabashed musings of each member form a cohesive whole.
Prophets & Kings spent winter 2008 squatting in an abandoned hoarder’s mansion, writing what was to be their full-length debut. When money ran dry, the four moved back to Chattanooga and raised enough money to record and mix at As Elyzum Studios, run by Stephen Nichols (The Distribution, Moonlight Bride, Band LeGrand, Banners Over Us) in St. Elmo, TN and master the album in Atlanta with Glenn Schick (Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne).
Prophets & Kings scream of southern drudgery (Eunuch, Misery Haunts, Hoary Hurrah), but the album finds opportunities to “learn to love to suffer” in dance anthems First Taste, Itsy Bitsy Beastie and A Freshiest. Merriment in the midst of mourning is what resonates with the hypocrite in Everyman. This album is reality peppered with just enough magic.

Prophets & Kings are currently working on a 5 song E.P. and follow up full-length album while collaborating with artists from Kid Infinity, Machines Are People Too, The Whoremones and Summer Dregs on remixes and upcoming releases.


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