Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Revere to release "Behold, The Sea Itself!" on April 29th

Philadelphia-based power trio The Revere will be releasing their latest music endeavor, Behold, The Sea Itself! on April 29, 2014, through Rock Ridge Music (with distribution via ADA).  Behold, The Sea Itself! was recorded at Forge Recording Studios in Oreland, PA, and was mixed by Ron DiSilvestro.  It is the first release from the band that was solely produced by them.
Says guitarist/vocalist Sean Kelly, “This album is by far the most refined and the most organic version of The Revere. We have been excited about this album since we began writing the first track almost three years ago. We can't wait to share it with everyone!” Rounding out the trio are Kelly’s brother Pat (drums) and Michael Pearson (bass); all three studied at Temple University in Philadelphia. 
The album presents the final part of the story that began with The Great City, a concept album about loyalty, love, finding one’s self, and coming of age. The travelers in the tale face the perils of the sea as they draw closer to their final destination.  Between The Great City and Behold, the band released a four-song EP (originally only available on Amazon) called Ashia which visited the backstory of an important character introduced in The Great City.  Ashia tells story of the character Lesedi, his revenge against his wife's killers, and the emptiness he finds in spite of it all.  It is this emptiness that is the impetus for the sweeping saga embraced in The Great Cityand Behold, The Sea Itself!.
The CD edition of Behold, The Sea Itself! includes a bonus disc incorporating The Great City and Ashia, marking the first time the releases will be available in a physical format.

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