Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Modest Mouse Member and Plastiq Phantom are World Gang

We’re excited to help you get acquainted with World Gang, whose brand new single — “Mechanic the Mushroom” / “Dolphin Smiles” — drops on May 20, 2014 via Imputor. It’s a long-brewing collaboration between Plastiq Phantom’s Darrin Wiener and Modest Mouse’s Jeremiah Green — like-minded musicians, and two of the most enduring threads in the fabric of the Pacific Northwest’s music scene.

World Gang evolved out of time spent on the road together, touring their respective projects — their shared reverence for ambient electronics, field recordings and EDM chasing the duo down into basements and out into nature in search of new sounds. These countless hours eventually evolved into World Gang.

They’ve been quietly at work for a while now, cranking out a steady stream of experimental ambient improvisations and processed drum breaks via super-limited, hand packaged 8-tracks, cassettes and vinyl. With “Mechanic the Mushroom” / “Dolphin Smiles,” the Gang hunker down to deliver their first forays into proper song form, with unsurprisingly arresting results.

Dolphin Smiles: A slow, "post-rave" burner — meaning it simultaneously is and isn’t rave music. A nearly perfect cerebral dancefloor machine, “Dolphin Smiles” is ultimately a techno song, but with a sense of musicality time-tested by years of live playing. The heady, detuned, and dissonant melodies introduced later in the track show true craft — the interplay of the dungeon-y trance lead, and the wet, kind-of-funky acid bass line recalling Cabaret Voltaire and the early Kompakt Speicher series.

Mechanic the Mushroom:  Like ablunted, over-caffeinated Bohren and Der Club of Gore, “Mechanic the Mushroom” is a dubby, woozy, nearly mutant piece — with both hand-played and sequenced drums, and a melody that’s soaring and dirge-y at once. The whole thing is heavily modulated — with a swirling ebb and flow of filters, circuits, and faders constantly up-ending the equilibrium.

The tracks compliment one another with a shared melodic center — seesawing between the uplifting and the foreboding to dramatic effect.   

Watch the video HERE.
Listen HERE.
Music: World Gang
Electric Bass, Vocals: Russell Higbee
Release: Mechanic the Mushroom / Dolphin Smiles
Format: 7" / Digital
Label: Imputor
Release Date: May 20, 2014

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