Monday, April 7, 2014

Mayors of Liberty + Chimurenga Renaissance & Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy Has the Scoop!

"Hip-hop meets indie-rock as two sides of the Seattle music scene intersect on a new remix project. The rock group Mayors of Liberty tapped the rap duo Chimurenga Renaissance to reimagine songs from the band’s new album, “Dream On,” for a remix EP. One of those remixed songs, “Kiss Like the Last Time,” premieres today on Speakeasy.
In its original version, “Kiss Like the Last Time” is a flowing, melodic song with gleaming guitar surrounding singer Kirt Debique’s soulful voice. The remix deconstructs the tune, pairing Debique’s vocals with slashing electro beats and jumbles of synthesizers dreamed up by Tendai Maraire and Hussein Kalonji of Chimurenga Renaissance, an offshoot of the experimental rap collective Shabazz Palaces. (Chimurenga last month released its debut LP, “riZe vadZimu riZe.”)"

Read the rest of the article, and listen to the track over at Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy HERE.

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