Monday, April 7, 2014

Listen: New BRIAN ENO • KARL HYDE Track, Album 'Someday World' Out May 6

Brian Eno and Karl Hyde come together with a new album to be released this May on Warp Records. Now we are delighted to reveal the first single, “Daddy’s Car”.  This is the second song to be heard from this new collaboration and follows album opener “The Satellites”.

Someday World is an album born from years of experimental beginnings, and polyrhythmic musical textures re-contextualised and brought together in one month-long session in late 2013. In contrast to the midi-horns-driven krautrock of "The Satellites", "Daddy’s Car" betrays the duo’s love of Steve Reich and cyclical Afrobeat, maintaining the strong sense of melody and structure through Hyde’s lead vocal.
Preorder the album on any format at Bleep, iTunes, Enoshop and Underworldlive and download ‘Daddy’s Car’ and ‘The Satellites’ instantly.
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"Daddy’s Car"

Brian Eno - Brass, Piano, Abayomi Synth, 2nd Voice, End Lyric, Backing Voice
Karl Hyde - 1st Voice, Main Lyric, Backing Voice, Guitar
Fred Gibson - Foundation, Drums, Brass, Backing Voice
Don E - Bass Synth
John Reynolds - Drums
Chris Vatalaro - Drums
Marianna Champion - Backing Voice

Produced by Brian Eno with Fred Gibson

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