Monday, April 14, 2014

Announcing: Memory Map, The Sky As Well As Space LP

Announcing… Memory Map "The Sky As Well As Space"

to be released June 10th
on Joyful Noise Recordings

We are extremely excited to announce the new album from Memory Map! We last heard from the Bloomington, Indiana band on their 2011 debut LP "Holiday Band", and we couldn’t be more excited for the release of their sophomore album.

With The Sky As Well As Space, Memory Map continue to flesh out their uniquely guitar-driven blend of indie pop. Few bands straddle song-craft and technical prowess as effortlessly as Memory Map. Using three guitars (one which cheats its way into acting as a bass), a three-piece drum kit, and vocals from all four members, Memory Map organically fuse cascading guitar lines, complex rhythms, and layered vocal harmonies into shamelessly accessible guitar pop.

In the three years since their debut, Memory Map have gained depth both in composition and production. The album simultaneously showcases the band at their most catchy ("Magnetic Center"), menacing ("Dark Freshman"), and emotional ("Order In the Waves", "Antelope Earth").

Why the three-year gap between albums you ask? Well, the delay is largely due to the popularity of a certain cat. Band member Mike Bridavsky owns and takes care of the most famous cat on the planet, Lil BUB. And because Memory Map have been so flexible in working around Lil BUB’s schedule, the band is officially BUB approved.

The Sky As Well As Space will be released 6/10/14 on Vinyl & Digital formats.

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