Thursday, April 17, 2014

17-year-old Inexhaustible Tunesmith DYLAN GARDNER To Release Debut Album; CONAN's TeamCoco Premieres New Video

17-year-old Dylan Gardner is one of a new breed of young artists for whom the internet is a great education, an overwhelming wealth of musical knowledge available at the click of a button.  An incredibly prolific and talented songwriter, Dylan has spent the last 10 years absorbing this knowledge day and night.  The outcome is his debut album Adventures in Real Time, set to be released on May 13th, which was whittled down from 9 albums worth of material, over 100 songs, which Dylan wrote, recorded, and produced entirely on his own, with final sonic and seasoning refinements courtesy of co-producer John Dragonetti (Submarines, Jack Drag).
Earlier today, Conan O'Brien's TeamCoco premiered Dylan's new video for single "Let's Get Started."  Watch it HERE.
Adventures in Real Time features an effortlessly joyous collection of 21st century pop rock ‘n’ roll blazing bright with the same glorious hope and enthusiasm that has fueled great debut albums.  It's animated by brisk hooks, breezy melodies, and big, big dreams, melding sophisticated, disciplined songcraft with irrepressible energy and Dylan’s resolute belief in the enduring power of pop.  “It’s a celebration of great music,” Gardner says, “music that doesn’t insult your intelligence.”
In honor of last week's anniversary of the breakup of The Beatles (April 10th, 1970), Dylan spent the day recording 15 second clips of each song on Side 2 of Abbey Road.  He posted the videos in succession on his InstagramTwitter, and also compiled them into one YouTube clip.  Boing Boingimmediately picked up on the video series, as well as, and Tunecore.  His thread#DylanBrokeUpTheBeatles was also retweeted by over 150 accounts reaching 6.7 million viewers.
Gardner grew up in a world of music, influenced by his dad, a founding member of power pop legends, The Kind.  Learning to play drums, piano, and guitar at a very young age, Dylan also dabbled in songwriting.  However, once he focused on the task, he was hooked.  He became an inexhaustible tunesmith, a 24-7 font of ideas, lyrics, and melodies.  Before long his teenage bedroom had transformed into a Pro Tools-equipped home studio, his closet the ideal vocal booth as he tracked what became 2012’s debut EP, Morning Stories.  With ever more distinctive material gathering by the day, Gardner set to work on his long-inevitable full-length debut.  Gardner spent the summer of 2013 recording Adventures in Real Time in his own inimitable fashion, cutting near-complete tracks in his ever-expanding bedroom studio before passing them on to co-producer Dragonetti for additional input and instrumentation.  The result is crisp and timeless, expertly combining widescreen sonics with lo-fi ingenuity.
Adventures in Real Time marks an unforgettable introduction to a gifted new artist in the first flush of what is sure to be a prolific creative life, alive with innocence and ambition, promise and excitement.  Not surprisingly though, Gardner is already nose to the grindstone penning songs for his next album.  “I’ve had this drive, ever since I was born, to keep working at it,” Dylan says.  “I love the idea of constantly working on your craft and always trying to be a step ahead.  Then at the end of your lifetime, you have this wide-spanning discography of music that you’re really proud of.  I’m constantly in the pursuit of that.”
Adventures in Real Time Track List:
1)  Let's Get Started
2)  Heroes Tonight
3)  I'm Nothing Without You
4)  Too Afraid To Love You
5)  I Think I'm Falling For Something
6)  The Actor
7)  Sing For The Stars
8)  Feeling Of Love
9)  With A Kiss
10) Invincible

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