Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stereo Subversion Premiered "Come Home," the Latest From Mayors of Liberty

Mayors of Liberty Just Released Their Second Single off of Their Upcoming Album, Dream On. (Out on 2/11)

Stereo Subversion Premiered the Track This Afternoon and You Can Listen to it HERE.

"Over the last year-plus, Mayors of Liberty has grown from a trio to a full eight members and the well-rounded results can be found in the pop/rock gems throughout their album, Dream On. Kirt Debique’s full baritone is a great vocal anchor for band, and the full harmonies on songs like “When You Were A Part of Me” and today’s featured track “Come Home” entice us all to join in. We’re pleased to debut the new single from Mayors of Liberty which features tinges of gospel and jazz and is the gateway for the rest of a record that fuses even more influences."
- Matt Conner/SSV

There will be a release show for the album in Seattle on 2/22. Full info is below:

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