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Preston Lovinggood releases "Shadow Songs" today, via Communicating Vessels!

Birmingham's Preston Lovinggood releases Shadow Songs today via Communicating Vessels
Full Album is being streamed at Atlas And The Anchor


"Natural" via The Big Takeover

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"We were bored. Lethargic. Dozing off with our feet up on the desk. Then this song came over the transom — and we were jumping around the office. When it was done, we had to listen again. And so we did.  Preston was the driving force behind Wild Sweet Orange, an indie-rock combo from Birmingham, Alabama, that splintered after one LP and a few EPs. Lovinggood released his debut solo work, Sun Songs earlier this year, a lo-fi affair produced by Taylor Hollingsworth(Dead Fingers, Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band). “Natural” is from his upcoming release Shadow Songs
, a decidedly more cinematic offering recorded in Birmingham and Los Angeles by producerDarrell Thorpe (Beck, Thom Yorke)." - The Big Takeover

Early last year Preston Lovinggood released his debut solo work, Sun Songs. Produced by Taylor Hollingsworth (Dead Fingers, Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band) this is a beautifully lo-fi presentation of Lovinggood’s songs. Unknown to most was the parallel musical plain five of those tracks had already been living in.
Enter Shadow Songs.
Over the course of a year Preston recorded in studio with producer Darrell Thorpe (Beck, Thom Yorke). They would work together in both Preston’s hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, as well as Los Angeles. The latter yielded him a creative freedom with his music that couldn’t be found in the shackles of day to day life at home. Along with Thorpe and an entourage of new musicians, Preston’s songs were re-imagined and cast in a new light.

"Shipwrecked" via EarBuddy

If Sun Songs can be likened to an up-close-and-personal documentary, then Shadow Songs is its’ equally impressive wide-screen sibling.
On February 25th listeners will be able to experience this new body of work for themselves.
Preston Lovinggood was the driving force behind Wild Sweet Orange – a powerful and profoundly literate indie-rock combo from Birmingham, AL who is sorely missed by still-growing cult of fans. Despite releasing a sole, beloved full-length and a few EPs, label politics found Wild Sweet Orange dropped. In the time that followed, Lovinggood retreated from music and the rest of the band, led by guitarist Taylor Shaw, carried on in the form of The Great Book of John.
All of Communicating Vessels’ titles are available online and via Burnside Distribution.

Previous Press for Preston Lovinggood:

"Regardless of the subject matter, however, Lovinggood is all heart, all the time. That one quality though is something so rare to find. And it is that one quality that continues to keep him set apart on a mantle high above his contemporaries. Even when he's not soaring to the incomparable heights of We Have Cause To Be Uneasy, he still manages to say something deeply important. And for that reason alone, Sun Songs is more than worth the time and money. " - Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk

“From the opening trio of tracks (especially the third, “Papa’s in the Movies”), Lovinggood brings to mind names new and old, including, surprisingly often, Dan Bejar. From nuanced vocal delivery to grasp of melody, Lovinggood proves that he’s more than able with his newly self-imposed genre confines. There’s more than enough here to make Sun Songs one of 2013’s most fascinating and enjoyable releases.” - PopMatters

From barely there lo-fi folk to powerfully poppy, this is an album that engages the emotions even when you're not sure why, and lays out a complex and dizzying experience that might achieve the required familiarity simply because deep inside we've all shared some part of these experiences. Knocked around by life, ground down, defiant, supported by friends and ultimately alone.  That's being human, isn't it? You should hear this.” - AmericanaUK

Preston Lovinggood surprises with a sensuous debut album.” - The Fire Note

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