Friday, February 28, 2014

Yasmine Hamdan Reveals "Beirut" Video, Watch + Share; "Ya Nass" Out 3/25

New Album Ya Nass Available in US on 3/25

The upcoming album by Yasmine HamdanYa Nass (Crammed Discs) is an elegant, borderless stream of electro folk pop, with acoustic guitars, vintage synths, and spellbinding atmospheres. The record is grounded in Yasmine’s evocative voice, which make these songs familiar, even as they are sung in various Arabic dialects.

To illustrate the new video for the track “Beirut”, with its nostalgic lyrics adapted from a text written in the 1940s by poet Omar El Zenni (see excerpt below), Yasmine Hamdan and her director Nadim Asfar used footage from super 8 films which were purchased in a Lebanese souk by one of Yasmine's friends, who collects them.

These films were shot in various eras (from the 40s to the 70s), and are bringing these bygone times back to life… as does the song, which talks about Beirut's odd destiny, its subsequent deaths and resuscitations (the city was destroyed seven times, but always rises back from its ashes). By mixing these old films with shots of her performing the song, Yasmine Hamdan has created a moving & poetic tribute to the city where she was born. Courtesy of Paste, you can watch the compilation HERE.

In addition to Ya Nass, Yasmine will be appearing as herself in the new Jim Jarmusch film Only Lovers Left Alive. She will be singing her song “Hal”, from Ya Nass, in the film featuring Tilda Swinton that will be released April 2014.


Drinking arak, playing cards, cheering race horses, hunting pigeons…
The essence of Beirut
Seduction crowd cruising around, fooling about, it's all there is on the minds
of the citizens of Beirut
Beirut, a flower out of its season

What a waste if it withered

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