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Del Venicci (mbrs Carnivores, Lille, Dog Bite) shares new video at Fader. "Haunted Hall" due Feb 25 via Prima Satisfaction.

Atlanta's Del Venicci shares new video at Fader
Album features Frankie Broyles of Deerhunter on guest vocals, recorded by Dan Wakefield of Lotus Plaza

Haunted Hall due for 2/25 release via Prima Satisfaction

NEW: Del Venicci - "Teenage Swingers" stream / embed track

Del Venicci - "Contagion" stream / embed track // video 

View the video below or here:

Del Venicci is an amalgamation of art, sex, pop, glam, haze, and the mutual Italian heritage shared by key members Grace Bellury (Lille) and Ross Politi (Carnivores).
The duo began work together in late 2012 after Politi offered to record and produce a work in progress by Bellury. Bellury’s lush, ethereal voice and keen sense of songcraft seemed to be the perfect counterpart to Politi’s noisy, goth rock inspired guitar work. This seemingly one off collaboration soon evolved into a plan for an ambitious musical endeavor. Bellury and Politi began to expand their repertoire and their first release, Haunted Hall quickly took shape. The collection of songs on Haunted Hall are a sonic whirlwind of dark seductive pop melodies, psychedelia, noise, and post-punk akin to some of 4AD Records’ hazy and moody ’80’s output.
Del Venicci’s music also has a certain Italo-centric mythos that is rooted in Bellury and Politi’s strong Italian backgrounds. Both Politi and Bellury share the fact that each of their grandmothers were celebrated Italian opera singers. Politi’s father (who is first generation Italo-American) grew up singing doo-wop on street corners in the Italian neighborhoods of Brooklyn during the 1950’s. Politi’s father would also go on to perform professionally with certain incarnations of acts such as the Del Vikings, Chaperones, and Mello Kings. According to family lore, Bellury’s great grandfather was mysteriously involved with the mafia and was forced to flee Italy after things turned sour. The lyrics for “Teenage Swingers” loosely chronicle his misadventures.
Bellury and Politi decided a concrete rhythm section would be beneficial for a more substantial sound on stage and recruited long time friends Jonathan Merenivitch (Janelle Monae, Dog Bite, Bosco) on bass and Tyler Walters (The Clap) on drums. While in different projects, all four of the Atlanta music scene veterans have shared the stage with groups such as Franz Ferdinand, The Dresden Dolls, Prince, Atlas Sound, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees and the Black Lips.
As the writing process became more prolific, the four piece decided to push the concept of Del Venicci farther. Being influenced by the likes of Warhol’s Factory scene, the group set out to expand their vision by inviting artists from different mediums, such as film and performance art, to take part in what would become the world of Del Venicci.
A video for each track on Haunted Hall was carefully crafted by local Atlanta film makers and performers to further expand Del Venicci’s penchant for the artistically subtle, beautifully morose, and hauntingly sexy. When watched in succession, the videos will allow the viewer/listener to become better acquainted with the unique mood and aesthetic of Del Venicci.

Artist -  Del Venicci
Album - Haunted Hall
Release Date - February 25, 2014
Label -  Prima Satisfaction
01. Speaking to Snakes
02. Haunted Hall
03. Teenage Swingers
04. Shadow Braid
05. Jungle Arms
06. Contagion
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