Monday, September 24, 2012

POLICE TEETH: "Emmanuelle In Renton" video; Dir. Clyde Petersen!


About the video, from Clyde: "It's a found footage video, based off an educational student film to keep kids off drugs. Unfortunately, the film really seems to succeed at showing you how to use drugs."

About the song, from Chris of Police Teeth: "The lyrics to this song are about neighbors that our drummer had while growing up.  The head of the household (coincidentally named Clyde!) was super creepy, and had a room in his house that neither his wife nor his two daughters were ever allowed in.  Once, a neighbors dog got into their yard, and the dad killed it with a shovel.  Eventually, they got divorced and when his wife went into the room, there was nothing left in it at all, and no one knows what ever was in it that he kept from his family. So yeah, all the lyrics are totally true about this creepy neighbor!"

"Seattle's little-known and largely unheralded Police Teeth continues to write, record, and perform some of the best indie rock around, despite the lack of financial gain, notoriety, or justice. Few are in its league. Hell, few are playing the same game."—East Bay Express

"In Police Teeth we have a band that works with punk, power pop and elements of psych to give us a record that covers a lot of ground but feels cohesive; depending on the song, you could easily throw them on a playlist next to Mission of Burma, The Thermals or Future of the Left. PT slide comfortably between fist-in-face aggression and noisy melody."—Buddyhead

"I like when a band takes their music seriously but aren’t too into themselves to ruin it. "—Sound on the Sound

When asked to describe their live show, Seattle’s Police Teeth said, simply, "Loud, ragged, sweaty, hair, flying debris, mustache." When asked to describe their previous record, 2011’s Awesomer Than The Devil, the East Bay Express said, simply, "To the initiated, the catchy, working-class rock of Police Teeth demands comparisons to Les Savy Fav at the top of its game, or The Thermals when they truly lock it in, or Archers of Loaf...the album is not only worth a blind buy, it's a necessity." The band’s newest self-titled full-length is a powerhouse of a record that showcases the trio’s most relentlessly fantastic output yet.

I WOULD LOVE TO SEND YOU THE RECORD. Just hit me back (not physically, duh) and say "SEND IT", and it's done.

Police Teeth’s flailing, wailing, angular songwriting has always been dark humor-laden, and track titles like "My V-4 Weighs A Ton", "(My Baby’s Got The) Black Lung", "Where’s My Fucking Hug?" and "Gifts, Knives, Adult Movies" are prime examples of the band’s signature lyrical and topical smirk. This record is no joke, however—these songs are heavy, pushy, fist-pumpy anthems with staying power.

James Burns: vocals/guitar
Chris Rasmussen: vocals/bass
Richy Boyer: drums

Recorded and mixed by Jackson Long (Shook Ones, Telekinesis, Om, etc.)
Mastered by Carl Saff (every record in the last decade)

10.19.12 - Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar
10.20.12 - Dubuque, IA @ Off Minor
10.21.12 - Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
10.22.12 - St. Louis, MO @ CBGBs
10.23.12 - Louisville, KY @ Cahoots
10.24.12 - Indianapolis, IN @ Melody Inn
10.25.12 - Bloomington, IN @ The 700 Club
10.26.12 - Chicago, IL @ Quencher's
10.27.12 - Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters
11.9.12 - Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern (RELEASE SHOW)

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