Friday, September 28, 2012

Oreo Jones' new single "No Coast" and Betty Love Letters

It has been whirlwind of activity for Oreo Jones the past weeks – and Betty seems to be everyone's favorite granny these days (the album is named after Oreo's late grandmother, Betty Jean Smith).  Radio, blogs and newspapers across the country are in love with the album – it even crushed the competition to win a Magnet magazine poll of the most anticipated fall releases.  But Oreo doesn’t just drop an album and then fade into the ether – the work is just beginning.

After a successful release of the first video, "Needy", this week VICE exclusively premiered the latest video single, "No Coast" (ft. J-Hex) and it grabbed over 1000 eyeballs in just a couple days. The song is about restless souls growing up in the Midwest (and wanting to escape – of course) and was also featured by MOKB on Sirius XMU.  You can practically feel the buzz building like static in your laundry when you run out of Snuggle.

Big things are also cooking for the next single "Burnt Circles", bringing a West Coast flavor in the track courtesy of San Francisco band Burnt Ones.  And not to leave anyone out, East Coast winter tour dates with DMA (formerly Jookabox of Asthmetic Kitty and Joyful Noise) will be posted in just a few short weeks.

Links to the videos and the deluxe version of the album are just below, so you don't worry about having to dig through previous emails to give it a listen.  We get it – Oreo Jones is an unknown quantity, or maybe hip-hop just isn’t your thing … but trust us, Betty will be the album that changes all that.
Love Letters: 
My Old Kentucky Blog (MOKB)
"He’s charismatic and intelligent...and has an easy ability to pull in people from all walks to create memorable music."
Do not take Betty lightly — a profound, and complex listening experience awaits!"

LEO Weekly
"From the synth-pop sounds of modern rap radio to boom bap to a couple rock-flavored cuts, there’s not a skipper in the bunch. Oreo Jones is a name to watch."

"No Coast" (Ft J-Hex) 
"Needy" (Ft. Freddy Bunz)

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