Monday, September 24, 2012

I Break Horses Perform "Load Your Eyes" in Room 205

With vast appreciation and excitement, we present the final installment of our Room 205 episode with I Break Horses. For this punchy, improvised live performance of "Load Your Eyes," director Forrest Borie employs a top secret animated screen-grab technique to accentuate drummer Fredrik Balck's glitchy beats and the robust, off-the-cuff elegance of singer Maria Linden's remarkable voice.

Special thanks goes to I Break Horses for making this episode of Room 205 possible. Despite all being ill with the flu and suffering an unexpected summer heat wave, their goodwill and resolve won out. Thanks also to director Forrest Borie, set designer Tamarra Younis, dp Jeffrey Peters, audio engineer J. Clark, camera operator Conor Simpson, and producer/camera operator Arlie Carstens. In every sense of the word, this episode of Room 205 was truly an inspired collaborative creation.

View the I Break Horses performance of "Load Your Eyes"  at: 

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