Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Warpaint Debut "Elephants" video on FADER, Tour With Akron/Family, and record first LP for Rough Trade

Elephants video premiere (via FADER)

Recently signed to Rough Trade, LA's Warpaint are in the studio recording their first LP with producer Tom Biller who has produced Beck, Karen O, and Liars. They have also solidified their line-up with new drummer, Stella Mozgawa. They premiere their new video for "Elephants" today (via FADER) directed by Bruce Muller. The video was shot with the song sped up and then the visuals slowed down to match the songs original tempo to a dramatic effect. You can catch the band on tour with Akron/Family this February across the US.


Feb 5 2010 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM w/ Yeasayer Los Angeles, CA
Feb 17 2010 ARTISTIKA NIGHTCLUB w/ Akron/Family Greensboro, NC
Feb 18 2010 40 WATT CLUB w/ Akron/Family Athens, GA
Feb 19 2010 BACKBOOTH w/ Akron/Family Orlando, FL
Feb 20 2010 CLUB DOWNUNDER w/ Akron/Family Tallahassee, FL
Feb 21 2010 ONE EYED JACKS w/ Akron/Family New Orleans, LA
Feb 23 2010 WALTER'S ON WASHINGTON w/ Akron/Family Houston, TX
Feb 24 2010 THE PARISH w/ Akron/Family Austin, TX
Feb 25 2010 GRANADA THEATER w/ Akron/Family Dallas, TX
Feb 26 2010 HI-TONE CAFE w/ Akron/Family Memphis, TN
Feb 27 2010 EXIT/IN w/ Akron/Family Nashville, TN
Feb 28 2010 PILOT LIGHT w/ Akron/Family Knoxville, TN
Mar 3 2010 MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG w/ Akron/Family Brooklyn, NY

"If you're feeling bold, you might point out the possibility of Warpaint usurping Chan Marshall's throne."
Pitchfork Media

"Warpaint is the storm brewing off at sea causing ill weather on land many miles ashore."
LA Record

"We emailed LA mystics Warpaint after listening to all the songs on their MySpace page and having a psychic revelation that they ruled. We were like, Yo, what's you guyses [sic] deal? And they were like, We are collectively a libran cancerian lioness with a bit of geminiacal insanity and scorpionic fire. Seriously they did, how awesome is that?"

""Exquisite Corpse" is the debut release from Los Angeles fuzzy, cosmic heartbreak quartet Warpaint...a collection of magical psychedelia drifting over sublime moments of raw melody courtesy of the three free ethereal vocalists...Kinda Sonic Youth and Cat Power with more Los Angeles nightfall." Dazed and Confused

"They make a quite lovely sound with dreamy vocals, off-kilter hazy guitars and elements of psychedelia"
Independent UK

LA's Warpaint weaves majestic guitars, hypnotic vocals, and driving post-punk rhythms into gorgeous, sprawling songs that skirt the line between the soundscapes of psychedelia/shoegaze, the haunting intimacy of folk, and rock's primal heaviness. At the core of the band are Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman and Jenny Lee Lindberg.

In early 2009, their self-released debut EP Exquisite Corpse soared straight to #1 on the Amoeba local artists chart. This September, Manimal Vinyl (Bat For Lashes) will reissue Exquisite Corpse on CD and vinyl, complete with a new bonus track. Mixed by John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers), the EP successfully captures the band's sonic textures and playful dynamism that they're notorious for creating in a live setting. With a buzz already in the LA air, Warpaint is now beginning to stir the masses with praise in the US and abroad. Dazed and Confused calls Exquisite Corpse "a collection of magical psychedelia drifting over sublime moments of raw melody courtesy of the three free ethereal vocalists," while London's The Independent adds, "They make a quite lovely sound with dreamy vocals, off-kilter hazy guitars."

Onstage, Warpaint's disarmingly authentic package can shake a room into a dance frenzy, while simultaneously holding it in a trance-like dreamworld. Playing to many captivated audiences in LA, Warpaint has opened for Flea, Black Heart Procession, Little Joy, and The Slits to name a few. With a busy schedule in the works to close out 2009, Warpaint is poised to win over those willing to join them on their complex, melodic, dark odyssey.


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