Friday, January 8, 2010

Radar Brothers

On March 23, Radar Brothers will release The Illustrated Garden. Jim Putnam has found a new band of brothers in bass player Be Hussey and drummer Stevie Treichel, two partners who are equally passionate about the band.

The original line-up of Radar Brothers died on January 29th, 2008. The band was on stage at the Echo in Los Angeles playing the record release show for their new album, Auditorium. However, after a brief hiatus, the new configuration of Radar Brothers began with live performances. Jim, Be and Stevie built a tight bond while touring together in the US and Europe. Writing together was the natural next step and March 23rd, 2010 represents the culmination of the Radar Brothers rebirth.

The Illustrated Garden is the punchiest, most lyrically direct set of songs the band has released to date. The songs are unmistakably Radar Brothers, but the Treichel/Hussey rhythm section often pushes them in unexpected directions.

Radar Brothers will perform at SXSW in March and a US tour is planned for early summer. Brian Cleary (The Movies), keyboard player and guitarist Dan Iead (The Broken West) will join Radar Brothers touring band and on future recordings.

You can download a free MP3 of "Horses Warriors" from The Illustrated Garden now!

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