Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ATROCITY SOLUTION to release "Tomorrow's Too Late" Jan. 19

WASAU, WI - Carrying the torch for melodic ska/punk, Wisconsin band Atrocity Solution will issue their new EP, "Tomorrow's Too Late", on Tent City Records through Interpunk on January 19th. The Interpunk pre-release will feature a bonus offer of a free exclusive t-shirt and poster.

Formed in 2005 from members of two different Wasau bands, Lower Class Citizens and The Insanity, Atrocity Solution have maintained the ska/punk focus on melody while still keeping their unique heavy sound. Their lyrics comment on politics, religion, friends, and both good times and dark times.

Plans to embark on their 4th U.S. tour in April/May are in the works to support the release.

Atrocity Solution are among the most persistent bands around, and will not quit until they have succeeded in getting their message out to the world.
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