Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cars & Trains 2010: New Video, New Track & Live Shows!

Cars & Trains kicks off 2010 with
Universal Studios Florida Remix, New Video and
Live Shows in Portland and Seattle
*Portland electronic meets singer-songwriter master offers a new remix with a little help from Universal Studios Florida!*

Some Lonesome Street Corner (Remix By Universal Studios Florida)
from the upcoming 'The Roots, The Remixes'


New Video for "I Know Someone Who Can't Recognize"!

(Click HERE for Vimeo link to video)

Jan 7 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge with Logan Lynn and The Gentry
Jan 8 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios with Lymbyc Systym and Helios
Jan 11 - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey with Big Spider's Back and Universal Studios Florida
(Cars & Trains' album release party!)
Feb 6 - Portland, OR @ The Backspace with Helios, Benoit Pioulard and The Harvey Girls

And available everywhere on 1/26....

Cars & Trains
'The Roots, The Leaves'
(Fake Four Inc.)

The Roots, The Leaves is the sophomore effort of Portland, Oregon based multi-instrumentalist Cars & Trains (Tom Filepp), a more personal and emotive foray than his 2007 debut full-length, Rusty String. Tom Deftly mixes out-of-the-box electronics and found sounds seamlessly with a myriad of instruments, woodwinds, banjos, acoustic guitars, strings and glockenspiel, walking a blurry line that makes one wonder where exactly the uncommonly organic drum programming ends and the instruments and lushly layered found sounds begin.

The Roots, The Leaves is cars & trains' most realized and expressive effort to date, full of energy and intimacy gleaned from Filepp's intense, energetic, and intricate live looping show that he has steadily developed and gained notoriety for. From the intricate plucking of The Root's cyclical opening and closing songs, and everything in between, cars & trains carefully journeys hand in hand with his influences, cajoling them into a world all his own.


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