Monday, January 11, 2010

Friends of Friends Prep Two New Full Lengths; Shlohmo and Ernest Gonzales in Early '10

FoF Music Set To Release TWO Albums
The innovative Friends of Friends label preps Shlohmo's 'Shlomoshun Deluxe' (OUT TOMORROW) and Ernest Gonzales's 'Been Meaning To Tell You' in early 2010.

FoF Music set to take OVER Los Angeles:
2/17- Low End Theory (FoF release party!) @ The Airliner
w/ Ernest Gonzales, Shlohmo, Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev,
DJ Nobody and more...

'Shlomoshun Deluxe'
Out TOMORROW (1/12/10)
(FoF Music)

After meeting him while interning at the creative music community and internet radio station dublab (, the Friends of Friends label was lucky enough to come across Shlohmo's "Shlomoshun EP" free online a few months back. Immediately hitting up the 19 year old LA native, the label approached him to combine new and old tracks with an assortment of remixes(wouldn't be FoF w/out friends!) to create Shlomoshun Deluxe for digital release. With an arsenal of unique sound textures, intriguing found sounds and big bass beats, this young one is ready.

Shlohmo, aka Henry Laufer brings a keen ear to the music he makes, using mostly found sound, fragile old gear and a laptop. In Shlohmo's own words: "The album was made suuuper lo-fi, most recordings were done through the audio-in port on my laptop, field recordings with the laptop mic or my ipod mic/recorder. a lot of synth sounds came from my roland sh201 and my dad's old roland jupiter 6, plugged straight into my laptop. all the noise was run from the headphone port out to these monitors that i've had since i was 14. the tweeters are all pushed in and there's absolutely no audible low end, so i have to physically touch the woofer to feel the vibrations from the bass and master it that way haha."

With beat and soundscape arrangements that leave the listener hypnotized, the songs breath life from the organic and electronic worlds colliding. Fan favorites "Hot Boxing The Cockpit" and "Antigravity" place him right amongst neu-bass contemporaries like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Ras G and others in the Low End Theory-fueled Los Angeles beat scene while a track like "7am" oozes Dilla-esque swagger; all the while remaining effortlessly cinematic. To really bring home the "Friends of Friends" theme on this release, Shlohmo has invited Low Limit (of Lazer Sword), Fulgenace (Musique Large), Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder) and devonwho (Klipmode) to handle remix duties, acting as a brief showcase for Shlohmo and some of his people.

The Friends of Friends label ventures into the world of Exponential Records boss Ernest Gonzales with a full-length album and art project that speaks louder than the music alone. Been Meaning to Tell You hopes to be more than merely a foray into the LP format
for the label and Gonzales's second album but rather a glimpse into eyes and ears of EG and his friends...

Been Meaning To Tell You is an album of raw emotion interpreted into sound and stands as a testament to Ernest's wife, Devyn. From
the unlikely joy of wintry bells speed-skating alongside beatboxing ("Dancing In the Snow") to a bleeps-and-blips shuffle ("Falling Asleep to the Glow of the Television"), Gonzales' musical vocabulary is right on, while psychedelic riffs and acoustic guitars alike haunt the album's thirteen tracks; the songs are all linked by a well of innovative sincerity. His unique sound has received accolades from places like Pitchfork, XLR8R, RCRD LBL and he has remixed artists such as Sunny Day in Glasgow, AM Architect, Daedelus and others.

The album wouldn't be a Friends of Friends project if it weren't something special so EG and FoF invited a over 30 people to the mix! The final collaboration includes 16 tracks from the likes of Daedelus, CYNE, Faunts, Yppah, matthewdavid, & Copy and is accompanied by a full-color art book featuring original works from 14 visual artists. The book will be available in physical form from FoF Music as well as in the digital bundle in all formats (as a .pdf) including as a download with the 180g white vinyl released by Tall Corn Music.

On top of all the amazing contributions from friends, the Been Meaning to Tell You posse has created a website to house these creations and more. The website,, tells all about the album and includes gorgeous previews of the book's artwork, downloads, and all sorts of interactive shenanigans to entertain you while you bliss out to the music and swoon over the art.

Been Meaning to Tell You, the covers/remix album and art book will be released February 9 on FoF Music and in vinyl format by Tall Corn Music.

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