Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A STORM OF LIGHT 2010 Tour Update

Brooklyn, NY's doom experimentalists A STORM OF LIGHT, who made it a point to end the year with a crushing performance in their home borough at Club Europa opening for Coalesce, are in the process of booking a string of tour dates for the new year. The band will hit Richmond, Athens, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Chicago, Cleveland and NYC as well as a handful of west coast dates with the mighty SHRINEBUILDER.

Confirmed dates thus far include:

2/21/2010 Kingpins Bowl and Brew - Athens, GA
2/22/2010 Club 529 - Atlanta, GA
2/25/2010 Emos - Austin, TX
2/27/2010 23 West - Tempe, AZ
3/13/2010 Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN
3/14/2010 Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL

More dates TBA.

A STORM OF LIGHT's 2010 touring lineup will be:
Josh Graham (Battle Of Mice, Blood And Time, Neurosis): guitar, vocals
Domenic Seita (ex Tombs): bass, backing vocals
Geoff Summers (Batillus): drums
Zohra Atash (Religious To Damn): vocals

A STORM OF LIGHT's permanent members are:
Josh Graham (Battle Of Mice, Blood And Time, Neurosis): guitar, vocals, synthesizers, banjo, piano
Domenic Seita (ex Tombs): bass, backing vocals, percussion
Joel Hamilton (Battle Of Mice, Book Of Knots): guitar, modular

The band released their second full-length, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, in October via Neurot Recordings.


"...it was opening act A STORM OF LIGHT who really nailed down the connection between the turbulent chaos of the untamed wilderness and the churning guitars of modern metal... A STORM OF LIGHT played before a towering video montage devoted to the awe of the natural world: Beating hearts, stormy seas, and collapsing glaciers bled together on the screen while the group plowed through a sweeping dirge of down-tempo doom." -- Live review from The Austin Decider

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses (love the artwork, by the way) for all intents and purposes, falls under the metalgaze category. Absent are those dreamy, uber-melodic moments that Isis and Rosetta love, but the stark, oftentimes minimal nature of these songs allows for some truly striking moments, just check out the opening 'Alpha' and grueling 'Tempest.'" -- Blistering

"Despite Graham's lyrical insight and guest appearances by Lydia Lunch and Jarboe, it's Forgive Us Our Trespasses' transcendentally rich doom that offers thrifty apocalypse enthusiasts way more value than, say, Roland Emmerich's 2012." -- Decibel

"The overall tone is oppressively heavy and where the shifts between ambient and crushing were predictable and unsatisfying on And We Wept the Black Ocean Within, here they’re blended together for a new brand of musical heft that sets A STORM OF LIGHT apart from generic B-list post-metallers and shows the true potential of the band." -- Stonerrock.com

"Equal parts funerary lament and celebration, A STORM OF LIGHT's Forgive Us Our Trespasses represents a series of brutal acts of beauty that surge and combine to announce a great sweeping aside." -- Vile Noise


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