Monday, December 21, 2009

UNTER NULL returns with 2nd album, 'Moving on', in 3 different versions

Unter Null returns with 2nd album, 'Moving on' in 3 different versions Alfa Matrix has announced the pre-orders for the 2nd album by Unter Null. "Moving on" is the follow-up to her debut album "The Failure Epiphany" which catapulted her instantly to the top of the underground electronic scene. Produced and engineered by Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), "Moving On" reveals how much Unter Null has matured and broadened her artistic approach since her debut was released in 2005.

This comeback album is available now in pre-order in 3 different versions, a normal CD version, a deluxe carton box edition including the exclusive "Moved On" bonus album (featuring some 9 exclusive songs plus 4 remixes from album songs by Acylum, Neikka RPM, Kant Kino and DYM) and a super fanbox edition will also be marketed in very limited quantities including a T-shirt, parts of Unter Null's keyboard that Erica crushed into pieces after composing this new album and the bonus "Mixing On" album with exclusive remixes by Siva Six, Larva, Wynardtage, Implant, Alien Vampires, Esence Of Mind, Dedman, HEX RX, Xyogen, Fraqtured:sound, Freakangel and Detritus.

Check the video trailer for this release:

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