Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The King of Rocksprings' debut EP, The Milkman vs. The Postman Problem, is available today!

The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem, the debut EP from Brooklyn artist & musician Scott Sosebee, is available today.

The EP, a comedy in 5 parts, features appearances by Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor of Azure Ray, and L.D. Beghtol of 69 Love Songs. It's a 16 minute romp, based on Sosebee's experiences moving from the small town of Athens, GA, into New York's East Village -- and then later into various neighborhoods in Brooklyn. But mostly the record is about his experiences with the boys he's encountered in his 6 years in the city. Founded in a southern musical tradition. The King of Rocksprings is raucous, fun, pretty, passionate, American and full of boy splendor.

The King of Rocksprings began over 10 years ago as a recording project while Sosebee was playing drums in various other bands. He originally moved to Athens in 1995, succeeding dropping out of a Savannah, GA art school to play drums in the punk band Space Cookie. After touring the country several times, alongside such acts as the New Bomb Turks and Man-or-Astro-Man, Space Cookie took a hiatus when their bass player jumped-ship to join the Columbus, Ohio band Gaunt.

It was then that Scott was recruited for the Kindercore band Japancakes, where his schizophrenic and heavy drumming style caught the attention of recent Athens transplants Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, who were looking for a drummer to complete their current band, Little Red Rocket.

After the demise of Little Red Rocket, Sosebee found himself bored in the small college town (and hopelessly single in an ocean of mostly straight friends), and set his sights on New York City. With little money and no job, he took the plunge and moved into an East Village apartment with an old friend. One week later, he was hired at a boutique design firm and began designing campaigns for the likes of Lacoste and Hennessy -- and was subsequently enlisted to play drums for the solo project of Stefanie Drootin (The Good Life, Bright Eyes). He also discovered a new love: Flying Trapeze. (Yes. Like in the circus).

Scott began attending trapeze school, and after excelling at the advanced program, he was later trained to become a flying trapeze instructor at the Manhattan-based trapeze school, TSNY -- where the likes of of Hugh Jackman, Mary-Kate Olson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Vincent D'Onofrio, and James Gandolphini (among others) would set foot. (Sosebee appeared as an instructor for the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown's Great Weekend Series).

He also became quickly irritated by designing luxury products for 'luxury' people, and after only one year in the City, he set-out to found his own design studio where he could showcase his retro-cartoony style. Landing such clients as Disney and Nickelodeon, his work can be seen on products all over the world. He has been hired by R.E.M. to design tour posters and propaganda, has done work for Chunklet Magazine, and has just been recruited to design children's book covers for publishing giant Harper-Collins. He most recently designed the backgrounds for the latest Sea Wolf video "Wicked Blood", from their new album White Water (Danger Bird).

Sosebee continued to concentrate on his flying trapeze and design skills for several years, gaining knowledge and experience. And then the unthinkable happened: While attending a trapeze workshop in upstate New York, he fell from a trapeze rig into the safety net, which came detached upon impact. He then flew 20 feet and landed on the concrete, suffering a severe concussion, lacerated head, separated clavicle, and a femur broken in three places. After two surgeries, a titanium rod, and 8 months in a wheelchair and on crutches, he realized that he wanted to start making records again.

The result is The Milkman Vs. The Postman Problem, a Five-song EP, which he refers to as a comedy -- A unique endeavor through which Sosebee has showcased his music, design and illustration skills all in one product.

"I just wanted to write songs, but I didn't want to write about bashing my skull. So, I decided to write about a lot of the boys I've met in my past six years in the city. Some of the songs sound brutal, but in reality, the lyrics are supposed to be funny,” Scott says when asked about the content of the EP.

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