Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kindercore's Ruby Isle to release "Night Shot: The Remixes" on January 19, 2010!

"Who's got time for subtlety when there's dancing to be done?" - Pitchfork

The lead track is from rising D.C. club DJ Will Eastman. His remix of “So Damn High” takes the electronic arena rock of Ruby Isle and loops it into a dancefloor filling frenzy. Ruby Isle’s own Twin Powers also takes on “So Damn High” and mashup maestro and sometime DJ partner Immuzikation delivers his signature style in the redeux of the apocalypse inducing “Atom Bombs”. Retro duo La Chansons (from Atlanta) bring an even poppier remix of the already-poppy-enough “Hey, Hey, Hey” that conjures up memories of Geller’s previous engagement in I Am The World Trade Center. Kindercore upstarts The Gold Party lend their Britpop influences to the remix of “All The Angles” with some anglo samples that we are not at liberty to disclose.

As with everything done by the Ruby trio, we couldn’t get away with releasing this thing without some covers. This time around The Strokes and Stevie Nicks both get the business with covers of “Someday” (featuring Kathie “Pony” Hixon-Smith of The Melismatics) and “Stand Back”. These are actually remixes of the never-released original covers of these songs that may or may not ever see the light of day. Basically, these are a bunch of covers ripped off the top of the blog charts and put through the Ruby Isle electro grinder. Look forward to twisted gems copped from Animal Collective, Bon Iver, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Black Lips and more.

The Ruby Isle remix record is a hyperactive blend of Mark Mallman’s Neil Tenant meets Axl Rose vocals, Dan Geller’s New Order synth loops, and Aaron Lemay’s early 80s Buzzcocks drumming. The result is night club-pop art mayhem. Give it a spin in your local high school lunch room, prison yard, red light district, or favorite abandoned state hospital today!

One listen is all it takes to get hooked on their high-energy take on electropop. - Metromix New York

It's like Bruce Springsteen producing the Postal Service.- Azltron

Sorta like new wave meets laptop, with a chaser of "Nasty Girl" thrown in. Utterly vapid, but so luscious that it's impossible to shut down. Throw this on at your next party and watch the heads turn. - Aiding and Abetting

...each song they played seemed to increasingly sound better than the last until the very end, with the energy rising at a fever pitch to keep pace. - The Yellow Stereo

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