Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Revere To Digitally Release Debut Album, “The Great City,” In March

The Revere is a power trio consisting of 22-year-old brothers Sean Kelly (guitar, vocals) and Pat Kelly (drums), and 21-year-old Michael Pearson on bass. All three are currently music students at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. The band proudly presents their debut album, “The Great City” - a concept album about loyalty, love, finding one’s self, and coming of age in a dream world somewhere between our reality and our wildest imagination. The album was recorded in New York City and produced by Jason Spiewak (Chris Volz, Five.Bolt.Main, Pat McGee), Ryan Carter Newell (guitarist for Sister Hazel) and Rich Smalley. It will be released digitally by Rock Ridge Music on March 30, 2010.

The album features Sean Kelly’s gritty vocals soaring on top of guitar-driven, up-tempo music. Though a rock record at heart, “The Great City” offers a wide range of peaks and valleys. Lead single “The Old Man and The Inn” is a straight-ahead rocker; “The Rose” is an acoustic guitar strummer about a beautiful woman; “Rest” is a brooding ballad that ends with the haunting sounds of a child’s music box, and the title track and album closer, “The Great City,” is a raucous celebration of life, love, and loss.


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