Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We Roll Like Madmen's "The Kids Must Die", Out Now

We Roll Like Madmen

"The Kids Must Die"

Out Now

We Roll Like Madmen return with The Kids Must Die, their first major release since 2012’s Who is Heady Crystals?. Following a national tour and a slew of Southeastern shows, The Kids Must Die ushers in an abruptly dark turn for the Madmen. With a refined, stripped-back edge, the duo cut to the bone of their addictive blend of hip-hop and dance molded production.
The Kids Must Die demands reckoning, holding the listener accountable for their participation within the decaying structures that hold the many at the whim of the few. Says the Madmen on the concept behind the release, “Blind to consequence, we have crafted an ideal delusion betrayed only by the invisible repercussions that inevitably bubble to the surface--no one cares until the kids start to die.”
1. On /ft. Believe
2. Babel
3. Blight /ft. FatRat Da Czar
4. Saṃsāra
5. Return

Stream The Kids Must Die here.
The Kids Must Die is available in Future-Proof format as well as on bullet and/or digital download in the Post-Echo store.
Check out two video promos for The Kids Must Die here.

Watch We Roll Like Madmen perform "Return" here.

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