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Watch Cass McCombs' "Name Written In Water" Video


The last of four videos from Cass McCombs that will be appearing to start 2014 debuts today from filmmaker Jeffrey Peixoto set to one of the standout tracks from McCombs's double album opus, Big Wheel And Others.

To put it bluntly, the video for "Name Written In Water" is an unsettling tableau, but as is the case with most art, one that's open to interpretation (or is it?).  On one hand, it's an unrelenting torrent of imagery, a stark reality laid bare.  On the other hand, when coupled with the lyric and mood of the song, perhaps it's an allegory about the transitory nature of all existence.  In the context of modern capitalist hegemony, we're all just pigs to the slaughter in a cosmic sense.  

Your conscience will determine which is closer to your own personal truth.

"Name Written In Water" is one of the many highlights from McCombs's seventh album. The recordings were brought to life thanks to the generous musical contributions from some congenial spirits:  the late, great Karen BlackMike BonesKevin BouleyTim DeWitt,Mike Gordon (Phish)Dan IeadParker KindredRobbie LeeJoe Russo (Furthur)Ryan SawyerSleepy Doug ShawJon Shaw (not related), Bongo Sidibe and Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman). Produced by McCombs and mixed with Chet 'J.R.' White (Girls)Big Wheel And Others is a marauding marvel of great beauty, insight, humor and mystery that truly sees McCombs at the peak of his mercurial powers - his restless muse making stops at all the strangest, most singular roadsides of rock and roll, blues, jazz, country and more on its nomadic quest for human truth and understanding. In equal parts bucolically gorgeous and thrillingly roughshod, mischievously obtuse and devastatingly direct, painfully personal and cosmically universal, Big Wheel is the perfect distillation of over a decade's worth of creation and chaos in the life of a true pillar of the American underground. 

You can purchase Big Wheel And Others via all good record stores, iTunes and the Domino Mart.

Watch "Name Written In Water" Video:

Directed by Jeffrey Peixoto  
with thanks to Lauren Cioffi, 7&7 Films, Robin Schwartz and Sasha Freedman

"Unearthed" video:
"Brighter! feat. Karen Black" video:
"Big Wheel" video:
"There Can Be Only One" stream:
"Brighter! feat. Karen Black" stream:

Cass McCombs' Tour Dates:
Apr. 3 - Austin, TX @ Stubb's *
Apr. 4 - Dallas, TX @ Granada Theater *
Apr. 5 - Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald's *
May 23-25 - Boston, MA @ Boston Calling Music Festival
July 7 -  George, WA @ Sasquatch
July 17-20 - Southwold, Suffolk, UK @ Latitude Festival

*w/ White Denim

Praise for Big Wheel and Others:

"Spanning 22 tracks and the great sprawl of a nation... documenting something so damned beautifully alive--so restless and sensual and swinging and true--the album accrues power by virtue of its breadth" PASTE MAGAZINE [9.2/10]

"Over the last decade, McCombs has been a remarkably consistent songwriter [and] he's quietly become one of America's finest chroniclers of fringe characters, a writer of heart-rending love songs and psychedelic odes to the natural world, a teller of tall-tales with a sense of humor dry as desert wood, and that rare folksinger who actually sings about the folk." PITCHFORK

"[Cass McCombs'] record suggests double albums that use their length by following strange decisions to their logical end points, like Stevie Wonder's Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants or The Clash's London Calling. It's an old idea, though still powerful in the right hands." NEW YORK TIMES

"Big Wheel is not a double album in the traditional sense, but rather a compendium of songs that allow McCombs to deftly stretch his creative legs. Upon a few close listens, it also might be the least guarded and most emotionally generous of all his albums."  STEREOGUM

"the masterpiece that his cult of fans have been swearing he'd make one of these days"NPR MUSIC [FIRST LISTEN and ALL SONGS CONSIDERED]

"the absolute must-hear" SPIN

"his best work to date" VILLAGE VOICE
Cass McCombs online:

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