Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Caribbean: Moon Sickness (Hometapes) OUT TODAY!


"The Caribbean isn’t against making a rhythmically strong crowd-pleaser, as long as the song reminds the crowd that things aren’t quite right. To that end, the lyrics seem to be from the point of view of a high-ranking Snowden-era professional eavesdropper....the music itself is built to puzzle over, and it never fails to reward a long-term commitment." -  Washington City Paper

"His voice slips through the spaces in arrangements that array electric and acoustic guitars against an implacable yet supple rhythm section, jazzy keyboards, pittering electrobeats and samples that range from faint to braying. Kindred spirits: Scritti Politti, Talking Heads, Caetano Veloso" -- Washington Post

"The Caribbean makes music that rewards patience and attention, the kind of work that doesn’t just stand up to repeated listens, but actually requires them. That sentiment applies both to the Caribbean’s quirky, complex musical palette as well as literate, literary narratives that vocalist Michael Kentoff spins. " --PopMatters

02.18.14 – Washington, DC @ Red Pepper Records (instore)
02.18.14 – Washington, DC @ Black Cat (RELEASE SHOW!)
03.28.14 – Baltimore, MD @ Church and Company

The Caribbean is a critically-acclaimed and (in my opinion) ridiculously brilliant experimental pop band that has made an (in my opinion) ridiculously brilliant record in Moon Sickness, their sixth LP and fourth for Hometapes.

From producer/engineer Chad Clark: "With Discontinued Perfume, people started bandying about hyperbole like ‘brilliant’ and ‘masterpiece.’ The reception was surprising and gratifying for a fairly esoteric band that had resigned itself to being consigned to the margins. It was like a key turned in a cultural lock somewhere. But how do you follow up this kind of thing? Remarkably, when it came time to make a new album, the band did not become intimidated or self-conscious. The result isMoon Sickness, a new set of songs with many of the recognizable characteristics of previous Caribbean albums — Kentoff’s literary and darkly dreamlike lyrics, the band’s advanced and eccentric compositional sensibility, and the curious, electronically treated surreal found-sounds draped around the songs. However, what feels new here is a bright, almost gregarious immediacy…"

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