Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Run Things Release Dumb In The Sun 7" Today On White Iris Records

Run Things Release Dumb In The Sun 7"
Today On White Iris Records
White Iris Records have launched their White Label Series, a collabortive
effort among various artists, producers, and mixers. The first release in the
series is the LA-based band, Run Things. Dumb In The Sunis their first
offering to the public. The title track is a vibey ballad that stays cool amidst
its vulnerability and driving beat. While the b-side "Shangri-La," is a multi-
chaptered track that captures the powerfully frenetic sound the trio can
conjure when least restrained.
Run Things was born in the ashes of colliding projects in the crowded Echo
Park music scene, the group found common ground in a sound whose species
is instinctively pop. Their design was to create a breed of songs that calls upon
the reinterpreted American music of British bands like Echo & the Bunnymen,
New Order and Dire Straits. The formula is not that of reinvention or revival,
but is the next stage of the genre’s filter. After creating a deep cache of songs,
they reached out to producer Lewis Pesacov (Fool's Gold, Best Coast) to
help them get to a place they could call their own.  
Dumb In The Sun 7" is available on iTunes and on 250 hand-numbered
limited edition vinyl.
Run Things is Joshua Thorpe (vocals, guitar), Gregory Shadwick (bass, keys)
and Daniel Goldbatt (drums).
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