Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OverDoz. share new music video + Announce headlining performances

The last two months have been a whirlwind for Los Angeles-based Hip Hop group OverDoz. First they hopped on the Turnt x Burnt tour with A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob, Joey Fatts, Aston Matthews, and 100s in November. While on the road, they released their BOOM mixtape featuring Juicy J, Problem, DJ Drama, and Nipsey Hussle alongside production from the Grammy-nominated duo THC. By the time they arrived in NYC on the tour, the mixtape hype was reaching a fever pitch and Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records announced the signing of OverDoz. which put them in the same company as PGM's award-winning artists A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob and burgeoning rapper Lantana, among others. At that time, Bryan Leach, President of Polo Grounds Music, Inc. commented: "OverDoz. and their team are fearless, creative and represent everything that's bright about where rap music is headed."

Now, OverDoz. are sharing "Hiroshima/Baby Steps" - a brand new music video that combines two Iman Omari-produced songs from the BOOM mixtape into one extended clip directed by Calmatic. The group is also announcing headlining performances in Los Angeles and San Francisco, full details are below and tickets are available via www.blunnitville.com.

Watch: "Hiroshima/Baby Steps" - http://youtu.be/DYVU6VRnc9U

Tour Dates:

3/18 - San Francisco @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall
3/23 - Los Angeles @ The El Rey Theatre

Joon's unorthodox fashion sense and rapping style, P's laid back approach, Kent's unique singing voice, and Creamie's hilarious skits makes OverDoz. an unmatched entity in the world of music. With several attention grabbing mixtapes under their collective belt (2008's Bowties and Rosaries, 2010'sNova, 2011's Live For, Die For, and 2013's BOOM), OverDoz.'s creative melodies and concepts have won over crowds across the world with comparisons to Outkast, Funkadelic and The Digital Underground.

"playful, breezy project, a combination of blunted West coast slap and a bit of almost Aquemini-esque meandering soulfulness" 
- The Fader
"these dudes are stars in the making and this tape should certainly propel them to that next level - understand the hype." 
- OkayPlayer


Watch: "Killer Tofu" - www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-KnTiCdsfk

Watch: "Lauren London" - www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbzeqFcpGQQ

Out Now

1. Underground ft. Pimp C (Produced by THC)
2. These Niggas ft. Nipsey Hussle (Produced by THC)
3. F$WSAD ft. Problem (Produced by THC)
4. Lauren London (Produced by Iman Omari)
5. Desto's Don't Stress Hoes (Produced by THC)
6. Killer Tofu (Produced by THC)
7. Lap Dance ft. Juicy J (Produced by The Futuristiks)
8. De$tabil (Produced by THC)
9. Tongue Ring ft. Cheetah Boyz  & DJ Drama (Produced by Traxamillion)
10. Barbary Coast (Produced by THC)
11. When I Woke Up (Produced by THC)
12. Thinkin' (Produced by THC)
13. Lois Lane (Produced by THC)
14. Last Love Song (Produced by Brooke D'leau)
15. Inside ft. Gwen Bunn (Produced by Gwen Bunn)
16. Baby Steps (Produced by Iman Omari)
17. Hiroshima (Produced by Iman Omari)

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