Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Goner To Release Ausmuteants "Amusements" April 1st // Listen To "Tinnitus" via Pitchfork // Watch "No Motivation" via NOISEY

Ausmuteants Amusements

US Release Date: April 1, 2014

Ausmuteants are four twenty-nothings from Geelong, Victoria raised on a diet of seminal avant punk like Chrome, the Screamers, and let’s not mention Devo. As a two-piece, Jake (synth, guitar) and Billy (drums) flushed that obsession with the release of the Split Personalities tape/CD in 2012.
They've since added Marc and Shaun on bass and guitar respectively and worked '60s songwriting ideas, disco rhythms and a subtler brand of theft into finely crafted pop songs. In 2013 they hit the studio and recorded twenty-two tracks; the best twelve becameAmusements.
Working in partnership with our pals at Aarght in Melbourne, Goner Records is proud to bringAmusements stateside for a proper US release.

Recent Press

"Ausmuteants' approach to that word is more thoughtful. While they sing about how "every day ends up in misery", they illustrate that feeling, which "lingers on and on and on", by having their primary synth pulsate ad infinitum. They don't place emphasis on volume or teeth—this is more about translating an omnipresent unpleasantness into a hook that sounds good when repeated over three minutes." - Evan Minsker, Pitchfork
"At their best, like on “Hate This Town” and “Flushing Problems,” they have a light, uncertain, stoic post-punk pride that feeds into DC’s Rev Summer crop, or better yet, the band that inspired them all – Empire, the fateful post-Gen X outfit." - Doug Mosurock, Still Single

"Whether the choice of humor is surrealist, toilet or slapstick, post-punk frequently finds its tongue firmly in cheek with this Melbourne band." - Jhoni Jackson,MTV Iggy

"Full of juvenile and puerile lyrics backed by a frantic fuzzed-out sound, it was as batshit as it was amazing." - Tim Scott, Mess+Noise

"And although the light-hearted side of Amusements is appreciated, some of the best songs on the record take on a more serious approach, especially the trackTinnitus, which is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year." - Nashville's Dead
Side A
Bad Day
Daylight Robbery
No Motivation
Hate This Town
Pissing In Two Streams

Side B
Kicked In The Head By A Horse
Stepped In Shit
Flushing Problems
Inducing Instinct
Pissed Myself Twice
Fran Drescher's Alien Abduction

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